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Happy New Year! How to Save Gift Dollars in 2020

Happy New Year from Wrapped In A Ribbon

Happy New Year! We hope your celebration was wonderful, you’re feeling good and ready. 2020 is staring you squarely in the eye, filled with opportunities.

Every year I get excited for the promise of a new year, all the things I’m going to do better. I don’t often achieve these goals, but it’s good to try.

One of my main goals every year is to find more ways to save money and get organized, especially in my gift giving. I wrote 8 Ways to Buy More Gifts For Less a couple months ago, and January is a great time to revisit it. If you take some time to get organized with your gift giving this month, it’ll save you time, stress and money throughout the year. That’s a gift all by itself!

But here’s another: January is a great time for sales, where you can pick up some early gifts to get ahead on your 2020 gift list.


Early in January, post-Christmas sales might still be on, and some items could even be marked way down for clearance. Items that tend to go on sale after Christmas include anything gifty, like toys, videogames, and electronics. If you’ve got someone on your list who loves the holidays, seasonal decor will be up for grabs at lower prices now too.

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Here are three other items that are good to buy in January.

Exercise Equipment


You might think that exercise equipment would be more expensive in January, since getting fit is often on people’s New Year’s resolutions. But stores use that to entice you to come in and stock up. According to, December has 80% fewer deals on exercise equipment than January. So if you know someone who loves exercise, buy their birthday and Christmas gift now to save money.


BEDDING reports that they saw twice as many sales on bedding and other soft home items in January last year, and you can expect the same this year too. Sheets and towels aren’t the greatest birthday presents, but if you’ve got a friend or loved one who’s about to get married, going off to college, or buying a new house, buy them something soft for their new space now.

Winter Clothes


As we wrote about in 8 Ways to Buy More Gifts For Less, stores need to get rid of their excess stock as each season is winding down to make space for the next season’s product. agrees, saying that they saw 21% more sales in January last year than the previous December. That’s great news for you! If you’ve got people on your list who love winter clothes, get them something now that you can store away and wrap at the end of the year. Clothes can be difficult, because everyone has different tastes. But try to get them something that matches their style and isn’t so outrageous that it’ll be out of fashion by the end of the year.

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Do you these items on your gift list for 2020? Save some money by buying their gifts out of season and in the best sales.

What kind of sales are you hoping to catch this month? Tell us in the comments.

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