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Gifts For Fans of Star Wars, Food, Games and More

With Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in theaters this week, how could we not geek out on some fun gifts to celebrate our fandom? That, plus ice-breaker games, nostalia, and food—LOTS of tasty food—we shared enough goodies to make anyone’s holiday better. Take a look…




Holidays often have parties where you might not know someone, leading to awkward conversations, or maybe you’ve met someone you’d like to know better. Either way, the 6 games on this list can help. For example, TableTopics, which is filled with handy questions like, “Which mystery or unsolved case would you like to know the truth about?” Fluster is perhaps my favorite, because the questions are a bit more personal, like, “How would your ex describe you?” and it has more of a fun game feel, with reaction cards and other specials. Get these games to get some conversations started.

Seven Sisters Scones Naughty Box


Holidays are the time to throw out diets and say, “Bring on the treats!” Whether you’re looking for a tasty gift for yourself or a loved one, we showcased 4 fantastic foods to indulge in this holiday, foods that are as fun as they are delicious. Like a gorgeous chocolate chess set from Astor Chocolates, decadent popcorn flavors from Gary Poppins, a bouquet of jerky from Carnivore Club, and, my favorite, yummy scones from Seven Sisters Scones.

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Candy is always a great gift, especially for stocking stuffers (yes, my husband and I still do stockings!). And when the candy is something from your past, it adds that bit of nostalgia that makes it all the more sweeter. In our list of 5 retro candy for candy lovers, we’ve got some great ones, like the Chunky bar filled with peanuts and raisins. My favorite, though, is the Cadburys Curly Wurly. I loved these when I was a kid growing up in England, and they still fill me with comfort today.

Unicorn mood ring


Delivering more nostalgia this week, we listed 6 awesome mood rings filled with fashion and fun. There’s a beautiful three-pack with a heart ring and turtle ring, plus zodiac rings for every sign, and lots of others. Most fun is this unicorn mood ring. Best yet, it’s adjustable. Let your inner child shine.


With the latest Star Wars movie opening this week, we rounded up 7 gifts for readers who love the series. From book ends like the beautifully designed red and black Imperial and Rebel logo halves, and bookmarks like this fun one with C-3PO’s feet, fans will love these gifts.

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Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia


Sure, Star Wars has a whole line of companion novels, but in our list of 7 books all Star Wars fans need, we focused on titles they might know about. Like the amazing Star Wars The Visual Encyclopedia with information on more than 2,500 characters, creatures, planets and more. C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels’ biography I Am C-3PO gives a fun look behind the scenes of the making of this iconic character. And reading the original Star Wars trilogy as though they were written by Shakespeare is hilarious.

Which gifts spoke to you most this week?

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