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Charms, Cookbooks & Lunchboxes To Celebrate Fandom, Plus More!

So many fun gifts were featured on Wrapped In A Ribbon this week, with something for fandom fans, luck needers and pet owners who can’t get enough of seeing their furry family members. And since it’s the holidays and time for parties, we offered up lots of gifts for cooking and entertaining.

Check out these gifts and more, including my favorites from each day, in our weekly roundup:

Star Wars silicon moldsStar Wars fans will love our 7 Gifts for Fun Star Wars Entertaining, like a Death Star Waffle Maker and Jabba the Hutt Snack Bowl. Seriously, can you imagine your friends’ face when they see Jabba Hutt’s head filled with crackers? My favorites are the silicone molds that allow you to make everything from ice cubes to candies to soaps that look like your favorite characters and vehicles. I mean, who doesn’t want a drink with a carbonite-encased Han Solo floating in it? It can’t be just me.

The Corleone Family Cookbook from The GodfatherStar Wars fans can even serve up some wookie cookies with The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes, included in our list of 6 Cookbooks for Movie Fans. We’ve also got cookbooks from The Hunger Games without needing to kill your own prey, The Godfather including cannolis of course, and Harry Potter with more than 150 recipes wizards would love. I want ALL these cookbooks.

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Instant Pot Duo Plus

I’m sure the Corleones didn’t use an Instant Pot for their marinara sauce, but we’ve got 5 Reasons the Instant Pot Makes a Great Gift. I LOVE my Instant Pot and can’t recommend it enough. The cooks on your list will too. All I need now is the accessories. Anyone want to give me some? Anyone?


Talking about food, if you’ve got a loved one who’s a child of the 70s or 80s on your list, you have to check out our 5 Lunchboxes for Fans of Star Trek, Doctor Who, The Beatles and More! I LOVED themed lunchboxes when I was a kid, and seeing them now always gives me a touch of nostalgia. It’s hard to choose a favorite in this list, especially when the Star Trek one is from the Twilight episode featuring William Shatner and The Beatles is the Yellow Submarine. But I think I like the Doctor Who lunchbox the best. Who wouldn’t want to drink out of the Tardis? Does it make you travel through time? I guess we have to get the lunchbox to find out.

Lucky Little Owl Charm

You know that friend who’s had a tough year, or needs a job, or is about to pop a special question? They could all use some luck. For them, check out our 5 Charms to Bring Good Luck. My favorite is the Lucky Little Owl because he’s so cute! But I’d take any of these if they could really bring me luck. The best part about getting one of these gifts, though, is knowing someone cares enough to give them.

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Divvy Up Custom Dog Socks

And dog lovers will gush over our 4 Personalized Gifts to Get For Pet Lovers. How surprised and delighted would your mother be if she got a canvas portrait of her dog in Renaissance style? Or her cat in a space suit? Yes! The Pet Renaissance Masterpiece is on this list, as well as cuddly blankets with your dog’s face on it, and a tote bag with a cartoon version of your pet. So awesome! My favorite are these cute socks. Don’t be fooled. These are customized too! Those cute furry faces aren’t random dogs, they’re P.J. Hoover’s pets. As long as you’ve got pictures of their pets, you can get your friends’ dogs on socks and surprise them. I know just who to get these for. How about you?

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Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark dreams of finding treasure, which is perhaps why she loves digging up just the right gift for her friends and loved ones. If someone says to her, "Wherever did you find this?!" with a big smile on their face, her day is made. Samantha also writes magical and mystical novels for readers who are young and young at heart.

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