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Valentine’s Gifts for YOU, Plus DEALS to Save You Money

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wrapped In A Ribbon! A couple weeks ago, we shared lots of ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts to give to special someones. But today, we’re celebrating YOU! Whether you’re planning a night out with a loved one or enjoying your own company, you deserve to celebrate your own awesomeness. And if you’re the kind of person who says, “Cupid, I’ve got this,” we’ve got some fun anti-Valentine’s Day gifts for you too. Best of all, we’ve got special DEALS for everyone. Now, that’s a great Valentine’s gift all by itself!

So let’s celebrate ourselves, have some laughs and save some money. This could be the best Valentine’s Day yet.

First, let’s celebrate the awesomeness that is YOU! Let people know that no matter whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’re always the better half.

Hello I Am Awesome Shirt


Everyone should have one of these shirts! Sure, there are days when we might feel less than awesome. And, let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is often one of those days. But we are all awesome! We all have talents and we love and we share and we help. We contribute our best to this world, whether they’re felt in small ways or big. And because of that, we all need to have a shirt like this to remind us of our awesomeness. It’s available in 17 colors, all the usual sizes, and lots of different styles. Get one with long sleeves in red, one as a baseball shirt in blue, a V-neck in green, and every day know that you are indeed awesome.


Think your own advice is often the best? It probably is. Go on and celebrate the fact that sometimes, you do know what’s best. And that’s why you talk to yourself… At least, we’ll say it is. This mug has the words “Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice” on both sides. So when you drink, you can remind yourself of your awesomeness as well as show it off to everyone around you.

Awesome Ends With Me Mug


That’s right! If anyone ever doubts that you’re awesome, wear this shirt and prove them wrong. “Awesome” does indeed end with “me”, and that’s no coincidence. Just like the “Hello I Am Awesome” shirt, you can get this one in 17+ colors, lots of styles, and the perfect size for you. That’s even more awesome.

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Of course, you have to show everyone that you’re awesome every day, as tiring as that can be. This fun 11-ounce mug has “I’m trying to be AWESOME today, but I’m exhausted from being so freakin’ awesome yesterday” on both sides. And it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, so all your awesomeness is protected for years to come.

Now for some fun anti-Valentine’s Day gifts, because Cupid can’t have all the fun.

anti-Valentines Day Gifts of Ice Cream from eCreameryANTI-VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT ICE CREAM

What better way to give yourself an anti-Valentine’s Day gift than with delicious ice cream? eCreamery’s Premium Anti-Valentine’s Day Collection includes four pints labeled “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” “Not Today, Cupid,” “Me, Myself, and I(ce Cream),” and “Who Said I Don’t Have Feelings? I Feel Hungry All the Time.” Even better are the flavors: chocolate cake ice cream with fudge swirls and brownie bites, vanilla ice cream with toffee crunch (butter brickle), mint cookie crunch ice cream with fudge swirls and s’mores ice cream. Mmmmm The best way to celebrate anti-Valentine’s Day! And right now, it’s on sale for 42% off.

Tacos Are My Valentine Shirt anti-valentines day giftsTACOS ARE MY VALENTINE T-SHIRT

More often than not, tacos are anyone’s best friend. On Valentine’s Day, that’s especially true. A good taco never lets you down. It can be made in any flavor. It’s comfy and makes you feel good. So why not make tacos your Valentine? This fun anti-Valentine’s Day gift is made from a cotton blend and, according to one review, is super soft. The neckline is wide and the sleeves are capped, giving it the perfect shape for comfort. Note, though, that the description says it runs small, so you might want to size up.

Nah I'm Good shirt anti-Valentines Day giftsNAH I’M GOOD SHIRT

Who needs a relationship anyway? Not us! Not when we’ve got this “Nah, I’m good” shirt. Show off that you’re fine just the way you are with this fun T-shirt. It comes in a 9 colors, is machine-washable and lightweight. A great anti-Valentine’s Day gift to let the world know you are okay.

V Is For Vodka Shirt anti-Valentines Day giftsV IS FOR VODKA SHIRT

Who needs Valentine’s Day when you’ve got vodka? That’s right, V is for Vodka today and maybe every day with this T-shirt. The shirt comes in 10 colors, including black, cranberry, pink and navy. And it’s machine-washable for ease of use. This is another one of our favorite anti-Valentine’s Day gifts.

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Don't Touch Me Cupid Shirt anti-Valentines Day giftsCUPID DON’T TOUCH ME SHIRT

Give Cupid a warning with this T-shirt. The epitome of anti-Valentine’s Day gifts, this shirt tells Cupid in no uncertain terms that you’re off limits. It comes in 5 fun colors, is machine-washable and lightweight, so you can wear it every day.

And finally, here are some fun Valentine’s Day deals that are a gift for everyone!

Cliganic Essential Oils 15% off15% OFF ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS

I love essential oils. They have wonderful benefits that go beyond their amazing scents. They can help you relax, improve your skin or digestion, and even help you heal mentally and emotionally, according to Huffington Post. You can even use them to make the best cleaners, as One Good Thing shows us. But you have to have good quality essential oils to get the benefits. Cliganic oils are organic, non-GMO and come with a 90-day warranty. Plus, they’re on sale until Feb. 16! Get an extra 15% off on Amazon when you use the code YHK2P26Y.

Audible Gold Membership


Through Feb. 18, new Audible customers can get a four-month subscription for just $7.95 per month. That’s 46% off the regular price. We wrote about Audible and how fantastic audiobooks are in our Give the Gift of Story post. And Audible claims to have the world’s largest collection of books that you can listen to. Best yet, with an Audible subscription, if you’ve got an Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite books. AND, talking of Echo, they’re all on sale right now too. That’s another great Valentine’s Day gift for you.


We wrote about the wonder that is Cricut for crafting in our 3 Ways To Get Great Gifts For Crafty Crafters post, and right now they’re on sale. Through Feb. 18, you can get deals like a Cricut Maker for only $329, an Explore Air 2 Bundle starting at $229, a BrightPad or EasyPress Machine for only $49, and accessories and materials at 40% off. Don’t forget, this sale only lasts until Feb. 18, so snag them while you can.

What are you getting yourself for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments.

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