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9 Unique Puzzles That Make Beautiful & Fun Gifts

I love buying gifts through RedBubble for a number of reasons. Firstly, their stuff is super cute. Secondly, their designs are all unique. And thirdly, I’m supporting individual artists with each purchase, the best reason of all. At RedBubble, artists can upload their designs, and the company puts them on everything from T-shirts to masks, stickers, stationary, throws, pillows and more. RedBubble has just added a new category that got me very excited: Jigsaw puzzles! Now, you can find beautiful artwork to make into unique puzzles!

Jigsaw puzzles are a personal favorite for myself and gifts for others because they can be so relaxing, and with the right artwork, it makes you feel like you’re creating the wonderful picture. Of course, the need to be made with good materials, with excellent printing so the picture is as glorious as can be.

Each of the puzzles from RedBubble is made from high-quality chipboard and comes in a gift-ready metal box with the puzzle picture on the top. Fantastic! And the best part is, you can choose from five different puzzle sizes: 30 pieces (great for ages 4 and up), 110 pieces (perfect for ages 6 and up), 252 pieces (for ages 8+), 500 pieces (for 9+) and 1,000 pieces (for adults).

RedBubble has LOADS of designs, and you should really check out all of them, but I’ve featured my favorites below with my best guess about how easy (1) or difficult (10) each will be based on the design. I already know who I’m getting these for…

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Tree of life unique puzzle


I’ve always been a fan of the tree of life symbol (my next novel, ARROW, features a lot of trees!) and this one is stunning. The swirls give it so much life, and the colors are gorgeous. The outer edges will be the most difficult sections, but the colorful dots and arcs will help. I give this one a 6 on my difficulty rating.

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Cats and dogs unique puzzle


According to the artist, this original painting began as a tree of life design, but that was abandoned with this “family and friends” idea came to her instead. I love the colorful cats, dogs and birds, all together. There are different lines and shapes all over the picture to guide the puzzler, so I give it a 3 on the difficulty meter.

birds jigsaw puzzle


The colors on this “Stormbringers” artwork are more subdued than some of the other puzzles in this gift guide, but look at that beautiful artwork! The birds have such movement, and the storm is both powerful and stunning. I love it! The less variation in the colors and the more solid gray parts on the left of the picture will make this puzzle harder, so I give it a 7 on the difficulty scale.

Peacock unique puzzle


This is another puzzle with gorgeous colors. The stylized peacock has a paisley-like pattern in its tail feathers, according to the artist, the bright gold outlines are inspired by the Cloisonne porcelain works from China. The repetition in the pattern will as some challenge, so I give this a 7 on the difficulty meter.



Dracula jigsaw


HA! This Dracula puzzle would be so fun to put together. I love his red eyes and red fangs, plus the fiery lines behind him give the picture great life. The solid black sections will ratchet up the difficulty, so I give this one a 9 for its lack of ease, but it will still be a lot of fun.

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Bird houses unique puzzle


This picture just screams HAPPY! Happy birds in happy houses with happy butterflies. It’s another puzzle that will make you and your family smile. Bonus, with all the different parts of the picture, it should be on the easier side, so I’m giving it a 3 for the difficulty meter.

Tropical dragon unique puzzle


I love dragons, so this unique puzzle was a cinch for this list. The artist has chosen just a few colors, so the red dragon really stands out among the greener flora and fauna. Even though there’s some repetition in the leaves, it’s varied enough that pieces shouldn’t be too difficult to find. I give this a 3 for the difficulty scale.

Heart path unique puzzle


I love pictures that brim with story and possibilities, and this one does just that. I can imagine coming up with lots of stories to go with this picture while I put it all together. Fun! The all-white part in the middle and the dark parts on the sides, not to mention the repetition of the green, lift the difficulty rating to an 8, but that means more time to spend dreaming of the stories this picture will inspire.

Moon smile jigsaw puzzle


I LOVE THIS PICTURE! The idea of an astronaut spray painting a smile onto the moon is fantastically fun. And doing this jigsaw will keep you and your puzzle-loving friends and family smiling. This gets a 9 on the difficulty meter for me because there’s a LOT of solid black and solid grey areas. But it also has a high satisfaction rating, so win win.

What are you favorite types of puzzles? Let me know in the comments. And if you like really hard jigsaws, check out my list of 9 Deliciously Difficult Gifts for Lovers of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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