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9 TSA-Approved Travel Accessories

I’ve been traveling a lot the last few years, and while I love it, I hate the trips through airports. So when I found these TSA-approved items to make life easier, I considered them gifts for me! If you or a loved one likes to travel, check out these fun and practical gift ideas.


I tend to pack light, which also means I can avoid the checked luggage charges. But squeezing travel-sized bottles into quart-sized Ziploc bags to get through TSA has resulted in leaks more than once. So I was excited to find this set of security-approved containers and clear bag. What I really love about this set in particular is that the bottles come in different sizes. The set has two 3-ounce bottles (the largest you can take in hand luggage), which are perfect for shampoo and conditioner. Plus there are three smaller 1.25-ounce bottles, which are great for body wash and lotions you won’t need as much. Each bottle top has a leak-proof design and a selectable label so you know what you put in them. The set also has two smaller boxes for creams, two toothbrush head covers, a silicon body scrub and two mini spatulas to easily get the creams out. They’re all made of BPA free silicon, so safer for us and easy to squeeze to get out every last drop. Best of all, they’re in fun colors, and if you’ve read some of my other posts on Wrapped In a Ribbon, you’ll know that gets a thumbs up from me.


If you’ve already got 3-ounce bottles that you love, you can get just the TSA-approved toiletry bags. This set of three bags is great for families, one per person. Or you can buy as gifts and keep one for yourself. The seller’s details say they strictly follow TSA’s 3-1-1 regulations. Plus they have a reinforced bone frame, heavy duty zipper pull and metal lock buckle. You can get the set in lots of different colors too. But if you’d like a multi-color set, you might try this 5-bag one with black, white, blue, orange and red.


Of course, shampoos and conditioners aren’t the only types of toiletries we need to carry. There’s also makeup, medications, vitamins, etc. To sail through airport security, we have to keep the liquids separate, but that’s not so convenient when we’re at our hotel and looking for what we need. That’s why I love this hanging toiletry bag. It’s got plenty of space for everything we need, lots of pockets to keep small items safe in suitcases (I love pockets), and includes a detachable quart-sized clear zippered bag for TSA. The whole thing folds up nice and small for carry-on luggage, but if you’re checking a suitcase, you can put big shampoos and lotions in the main part of the bag and detach the TSA-approved carry-on bag for any liquids you need to keep with you. Best of all, I love that it all hangs up for easy access in your hotel. Amazon also has a hanging toiletry bag that contains a sleep mask, LED mirror and inflatable travel pillow.

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Perfume bottles are always dangerous on planes. You don’t want them to break, and putting them in a silicon bottle made for lotion isn’t the same. But this set of refillable perfume spray bottles allows you to take your favorite perfumes or colognes on vacation in safe, small amounts that TSA won’t complain about. They have a leak-proof loop and aluminum body that fits easily in your palm and quart-sized bag. Fill at home, then pack, and you’ll be ready for the town on your vacation.

TSA Approved 4-in-1 Travel Dispenser


Another option for liquids is this TSA-approved 4-in-1 travel dispenser. Put your shampoos, lotions and more into the four 1.58-ounce bottles in this dispenser, then at your hotel, you can swivel the top to dispense what you need. The whole thing is a little taller than a cell phone so won’t take up too much space in your suitcase. The downside is that it doesn’t contain much of the liquids, but 1.58 ounces is plenty for a quick trip.


Personal security is also important when you’re traveling. If you want the added protection of a lock for your suitcase, this set of four Forge cable locks has good ratings. They’re four inches end to end and the cable loop is 1.5 inches, plenty of space to secure a zipper. The locks include a Travel Sentry symbol that tells TSA agents they don’t need to cut the lock to inspect the luggage. And agents must re-lock your luggage before they can remove their TSA key. If you’d prefer locks with keys, try these highly rated Forge set.

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The worst part about traveling is when suitcases go missing. With so many flights and so many travelers, this happens way too often, which is why I make sure my suitcases have name tags. What I love about these is they snap closed, so someone standing next to you in line can’t snap a quick picture with their phone. These will only be checked if the suitcases are away from you. TravelMore offers many mono-color sets, but, of course, I like this one with 7 tags in different colors for all your bags.


My dogs are sadly too big to fit under airplane seats, but if they were smaller, I’d take them everywhere I could. That’s why I love this cat and dog travel bag. It contains collapsible silicone bowls for food and water, containers to store food and treats, plus space for toys. Even if your loved ones are like me and have pets that are too big to take on planes, this set would be perfect for road trips!


Got a loved one who can’t afford to fly first class but would like to pretend? Get them this Carry-On Champagne Cocktail kit! The sleek metal container slips easily into hand luggage and contains a recipe card, spoon, 0.5-ounce jigger, elderflower syrup and a linen coaster. The only thing you need to buy on the plane is the champagne itself, but this kit is measured to work perfectly with airlines’ single-serve bottles. Mix up a cocktail at your seat, then lean back and enjoy the flight. As well as Champagne Cocktail, there are kits for Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, Hot Toddy, Margarita, Moscow Mule and an Old Fashioned.

These would make great gifts on their own, or you could buy a few and bundle them to get your loved ones all ready to travel.

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