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9+ Poetry Gifts For Poets and Poet Curious

Earlier this year, I challenged myself to start each day by reading a poem, and it has been quite fun. I’d never been a huge fan of poetry, but these beautifully written bite size observances are enchanting me. Maya Angelou said, “Poetry puts starch in your backbone so you can stand, so you can compose your life.” Poetry can indeed help us all see ourselves and others, expand our minds and hearts, and be a voice for all. For National Poetry Day today, it’s a great time to check out gifts for the poets, poetry lovers, and poetry curious in our lives.

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Maya Angelou The Complete Poetry poems gifts


Maya Angelou’s poetry is always a good place to start. This book contains all the master poet’s works, including poems that were never previously published like “Amazement Awaits” commissioned for the 2008 Olympic Games. Other complete sets to try include The Complete Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe for horror lovers and The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, which I’m reading now.

How to Read Poetry bookHOW TO READ POEMS

For those new to poetry, this Don’t Read Poetry book by award-winning poet and literary critic Stephanie Burt dispels preconceptions and shows readers how to connect with poems, from Shakespeare to Twitter.

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History of Poetry book


To get a better understanding of where poetry came from and how it has evolved, this A Little History of Poetry book by John Carey is the ticket. It tells the stories of some of the greatest poems from Dante to Maya Angelou and reveals what makes the poems so enticing.

Dead Poets Society T-shirt


Oh Captain, My Captain! Poetry helped an unruly set of boarding school boys in the 1989 Robin Williams movie, and it’s celebrated with this fun T-shirt. This style comes in four colors, but the design is also available on long-sleeve tees, baseball shirts, V-necks and more.

Isnt It Byronic T-shirt poem gifts


For fans of Lord Byron’s poetry, I love this T-shirt, a fun take on another poet’s work, musician Alanis Morissette. The shirt comes in 16 more colors, as well as numerous styles. Plus the design is available on laptop sleeves, phone cases, and other products.

Still I Rise T-shirt poetry gifts


One of my favorite poems, Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise, is celebrated with this wonderful T-shirt. It reminds us that, no matter how dark our times, just like the sun, still we must rise. The shirt is available in a bunch of styles and colors, but my favorite is this gorgeous bright and eye-catching red. Inspire your giftee with poetry gifts that inspire like this tee.

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How To Write Poetry


For anyone inspired to try their hand at poetry, this is the book for them. The instructional journal is designed to help people nurture their creativity. The book includes basic and more advanced writing techniques, thought-provoking prompts, advice on revise poems and submitting them, as well as blank pages for writers to get to work.

Poets Notebook poetry giftsPOET’S NOTEBOOK

The Writing Manifesto’s brilliant journal is covered with inspiration. Inside the 6×9 book are 110 college ruled lined pages waiting for your thoughts and scribbles. It’s a great poetry gift for the writers in your life.

Poetry Writing Kit giftsPOETRY KIT

Help the poets and even non-poets in your life have fun with words every time they get a beer. This magnetic poetry kit has more than 300 words and fragments. Spread them across your fridge, then start playing. You can also guide your giftee’s creativity with special magnetic poetry kits for dogs, beer, zombies, and more.

How do you want to inspire the poets or future poets in your life? Let us know in the comments.

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