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9 Gifts For Lovers of Ice Cream

On Sunday, we celebrate National Ice Cream Day, a day that in my opinion should really be celebrated every day. There’s something so comforting about a scoop of ice cream. It can brighten the darkest day, cool you on the hot days, and sweeten those bitter days. Its creamy goodness is a welcome addition to any meal, or even by itself. I recently made an apple crumble, my favorite type of pie, and my husband ran out to get ice cream because no matter how good pie is, it’s always better with ice cream. If your tummy can’t tolerate the cream part, that’s okay, because nowadays there are so many wonderful lactose-free alternatives that everyone can celebrate National Ice Cream Day. We can thank Ronald Reagan for National Ice Cream Day, so I think it’s safe to say he must’ve been a fan. The day got me thinking about friends who love the creamy goodness and the types of ice cream gifts I can get them. Here’s what I found…

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waffle cone bowl set ice cream giftsWAFFLE CONE BOWLS AND SPOONS

Eating ice cream is always fun, especially when it’s got sprinkles and syrup on top. But eating ice cream with colorful bowls and spoons really elevates the fun factor. These waffle cone bowls and spoons fit the bill! They’re made of BPA-free plastic, so great to take on a picnic because they won’t break. The bowls are 3.75 inches in diameter and hold around 6-8 fluid ounces. The part I love is the pink, blue, purple and green colors. The set includes 12 bowls and 12 spoons, so enough for a small party.

Ghirardelli syrup set


I love Ghiradelli chocolate. Seriously, their dark chocolate chips are a staple of my diet. So when I saw this set of Ghiradelli sauces for ice cream, my mouth started to water. Ghiradelli uses natural ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup. With chocolate, white chocolate flavor and caramel, these sauces will make next level ice cream sundaes.

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cuisinart ice cream maker giftsICE CREAM MAKER

My mother used to make her own ice cream when I was a kid and I loved it. We’d make up all kinds of fun flavors, but it was mostly the act of making the ice cream ourselves that made it so special. Nowadays it’s so much easier to make ice cream at home with electric ice cream makers like this one from Cuisinart. The Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence ice cream maker is a bestseller and has great reviews for its ease of use and consistency. As well as ice cream, it can make frozen yogurt and sorbet. It’s the perfect ice cream gift for a true aficionado.

Perfect Scoop cookbook ice cream gifts


By itself or paired with the Cuisinart electric ice cream maker, The Perfect Scoop cookbook is a great gift for ice cream lovers. Written by New York Times best-selling author and blogger David Lebovitz, the book contains tips and recipes for ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, sauces and more. There’s the classic chocolate ice cream to more adventurous flavors like strawberry-sour cream ice cream or ice cream custard. Yes, please! Get the ice cream lovers in your life a pathway to making their perfect ice cream with this book.


waffle cone maker ice cream gifts


The best kind of bowls are the ones you can eat, and with this Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker, your friends and family will be able to make their own at home. The maker creates waffle cones or bowls in minutes and has molds for a cone and a bowl. It’s non-stick, so easy to clean. For me, the best part of making waffle cones and bowls at home is that you can have fun making different flavors. The maker comes with a recipe book, but your family and friends might like to experiment. It’s a great ice cream gift.

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ice cream mug


Mugs also make great ice cream bowls, or they can be fun ways to celebrate a love of ice cream every day, even when there’s none in the freezer. That’s where this ice cream mug comes in. The cone print wrapping around the 11-ounce mug features some of the most popular flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, mint chip and strawberry. Mmm.

keep calm and eat ice cream gift tshirt


Yes, ice cream makes everything better. So what better message is there to share on a T-shirt than to Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream? The ice cream lovers in your life will get a kick out of this tee, which comes in lots of different colors and styles, and in sizes for everyone.

ice cream makes me happy cushion


By itself or paired with one of the other items in this ice cream gifts guide, this cushion is bright and smile enticing. It’s the perfect thing to curl up with when you’re eating… you guessed it, a bowl of ice cream. The zippered cushion comes in five sizes, from 16×16 inches to 26×26 inches and is available as just the cover or with polyester filling.

ecreamery gourmet ice cream giftsGOURMET ICE CREAM

Of course, really great ice cream is the best ice cream gift of all! And you can’t go with ice cream from eCreamery like this Comfort Collection. This set of four pints contains Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites, Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch, Mint Cookie Crunch Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls and S’mores Ice Cream. Mmmmmm

Do you know someone who could use more ice cream in their life? Which gift will you get them for their next birthday?

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