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9 Deliciously Difficult Gifts for Lovers of Jigsaw Puzzles

I LOVE jigsaw puzzles. To me, a perfect day is sipping some good tea or better yet hot chocolate, sitting at a table and putting together a jigsaw puzzle. But the puzzles I’ve always solves have never been too challenging, so I wanted to find some gifts for lovers of really difficult jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzles are fun, but they’re also surprisingly beneficial to your health. Guideposts gathered all their benefits in an article, including learning how to stay in the moment, relaxing, sharpening your brain, improving your memory, and more. Like all good family games, they can also be social if you’re playing with family or friends.

The last puzzle I did was a few Christmas’ ago. My husband and I put together this 1,000-piece bookish treasure hunt puzzle. I love the picture, especially because it’s a bookshelf and has a fairy tale feel, and we had lots of fun fitting it all together. We did a little every evening, and it took us about a week.

The puzzles on this list, though, would probably take me a year or more! They look hard. But that makes them so fun.

Do you know someone who loves challenges and jigsaw puzzles? Consider giving them one of these difficult jigsaw puzzles.

Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle gifts for difficult jigsaw puzzle loversGRADIENT JIGSAW PUZZLE

This puzzle is 1,000 pieces but it looks so much harder than my bookish treasure hunt. This is definitely a puzzle that you want to start around the outside. That’ll at least give you a fighting chance to complete the whole pattern. The final picture, if you can get there, is 70 cm by 50 cm. And don’t worry, the puzzle is made of durable recycled paper and the manufacturer has a missing piece guarantee. So if you feel the need to throw a couple pieces on the floor and stomp on them, I understand.


This milky way jigsaw puzzle looks marginally easier than the gradient one. Made by the same company, this puzzle is also 1,000 pieces, but it should keep any challenging jigsaw puzzle lover busy for a while. And look at that picture! The beautiful photo is a shot from the Hubble telescope. That picture is definitely incentive to get to the end of the puzzle.

The Lines Jigsaw Puzzle gift for lovers of difficult jigsaw puzzlesTHE LINES JIGSAW PUZZLE

Okay, if the first puzzles on this list weren’t hard enough, check out this one. Called “The Lines,” the puzzle is 1,000 pieces of headache. But it would be a deliciously fun headache if you could put this whole puzzle together. The picture is just black lines on a white background, and the only clues to put the pieces together are their thickness and direction. The final puzzle measures 24 inches square, and the pieces are made of sturdy chipboard on recycled paper. If this puzzle has you tearing your hair out a little too much, never fear. The makers gave you a clue. The back is divided into sections and each piece is marked with an A, B, etc. I challenge you to do the puzzle without looking, although I don’t think I could.

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Pencil Collage Puzzle for lovers of difficult jigsaw puzzlesPENCIL COLLAGE JIGSAW PUZZLE

Ahh! I love this picture. How fun to do a puzzle filled with colorful pencils! This puzzle is also 1,000 pieces, and it looks like it might be a bit easier than some of the ones above. But it still looks like a very difficult jigsaw puzzle. All those colors. All those lines. This will be hard. The final image is 24 inches by 30 inches, if you can get all the pieces together.

Color Challenge hard jigsaw puzzle giftCOLOR CHALLENGE JIGSAW PUZZLE

Oooh, this puzzle is so pretty. I love the cold to warm colors and soft, wavy lines. Gorgeous! But as pretty as the picture is, it makes for a challenging jigsaw puzzle. Created by Buffalo Games, the 1,000 piece puzzle also comes with a poster to help you solve it. The puzzle’s final size is 26.75 inches by 19.75 inches, and it’s gotten great reviews online. Know someone who loves rainbow colors and difficult jigsaw puzzles? This is the one for them.

Dalmatian Jigsaw Puzzle for lovers of hard jigsaw puzzlesDALMATIANS JIGSAW PUZZLE

Cruella De Ville would hate this puzzle. And if you tried to solve it, you might too. This jigsaw is called the “world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzle” for a reason. It’s only 529 pieces, BUT the artwork is on the front and the back of each piece. So to solve it, you have to try both sides of each piece. When the puzzle is finished, because we should be optimistic that you will finish, the final puzzle will be 384 mm square. And even if this is the most challenging jigsaw puzzle you’ve ever tried, just look at all those sweet dalmatian faces and you’ll want to keep going.

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Color Gradient Difficult Jigsaw PuzzleGRADIENT 5,000 COLORS JIGSAW PUZZLE

Another color gradient puzzle, this one is a bit different. It’s 5,000 pieces and each piece is a different color shade from the CMYK gradient. Fun, right? Difficult? Oh yeah. This picture is of the solved puzzle, so you know it’s possible. All put together, the puzzle is 60.2 inches by 39.8 inches, so make sure you do it on a large space. Oh, and for this one, you might need some extra hot chocolate. Stock up.

World's Smallest Puzzle for lovers of difficult jisgaw puzzlesWORLD’S SMALLEST BLACK HELL JIGSAW PUZZLE

This challenging jigsaw puzzle takes pride in its level of difficulty. It’s even called “Black Hell”! And it’s easy to see why. Those lines showing the shapes of the pieces are not on the actual puzzle. Instead, the picture is completely black. The full puzzle is only 10.2 inches by 14.9 inches and 1,000 pieces, which tells us the second reason why this puzzle might be hell. Each piece is smaller than regular puzzle pieces. Want to try the most challenging jigsaw puzzle? Try this one. It also comes in white.

Round Rainbow Puzzle gift for lovers of difficult jigsaw puzzlesROUND RAINBOW JIGSAW PUZZLE

This round rainbow jigsaw puzzle is another variation of the color gradient theme, and it’s so pretty. With a diameter of 26.7 inches, this puzzle contains 1,000 pieces made of recycled cardboard. I haven’t tried it, but judging by the pattern I think it might be one of the easiest puzzles in this list. That’s not to say it won’t be hard, though. There are lots of shades of colors that could trip up even the most seasoned puzzler. Just in case, the jigsaw puzzle is divided on the back and has A, B, etc., to guide you if you go astray.

If you know someone who loves a challenge or enjoys solving difficult jigsaw puzzles, get them these and see how long it takes for them to finish. They could be working on them for a while.

Have you tried any of these? What’s your favorite jigsaw puzzle? Let us know in the comments.

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