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9 Gifts to Get Birders Ready For Spring

Here in Texas, the weather can’t make its mind whether it’s winter or spring. One day, we’re in the 30s and bulking up with coats, the next day we’re in the 70s and walking around in shorts. Thanks, climate change! Despite the changing weather, the trees are starting to bud and spring is definitely on the way. That means, birding season is coming.

Birds are amazing creatures. Delicate yet sturdy, small yet loud, and they make the most beautiful sounds. Plus, there are so many different types, which is why birding is such a popular activity for nature lovers.

Whether your loved ones are dedicated birders, like to check out our feathery friends while hiking, or simply enjoy adding sparkle to their yard, we’ve got gifts to get them excited and ready for the season.

Window Bird Feeder for birdingWINDOW BIRD FEEDER

Birding fans shouldn’t have to go far to see birds, and with this window bird feeder, they don’t have to. This clear bird feeder can be attached directly to a home window with the powerful suction cups. The feeder measures 11.8 inches wide and 5.2 inches tall, so a good size to attract lots of birds. Pour bird seed into the two containers, then watch the birds from the comfort of your couch. Just keep your cat away from the window.

Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder for birdingHAND-BLOWN GLASS HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER

Hummingbirds are many birders’ dreams to sight, so getting the birding fans on your gift list a hummingbird feeder will make them smile. There’s no reason bird feeders can’t be beautiful, and this one exemplifies that. The top of this hummingbird feeder is made of hand-blown glass, and it’s available in this red/blue design, a red design and a blue one. This feeder holds 32 ounces of nectar to attract lots of hummingbirds. Plus it comes with five hooks and a hemp rope to hang it. One of my favorite parts is an ingenious ant moat to stop ants from stealing the nectar from the birds.

Wooden Swing Chair Bird Feeder for birdingSWING CHAIR BIRD FEEDER

How adorable is this bird feeder? Designed like an Adirondak swinging chair, this feeder has mesh on the bottom of the “seats”, keeping the seed on display for your feathered friends. The seller says the feeder can hold up to 5 pounds, so about 8 to 10 birds at one time. And when the wind blows, this fun bird feeder will swing the birds in the breeze. Fun.

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Solar Bird Feeder for birding


This rainbow-colored bird feeder gets high marks in reviews for its beauty. Designed like an old-fashioned lantern, it has a copper base to offer up bird seed and a slanted copper roof to keep rain from collecting. And in the center is a rainbow-mosaic glass tube that’s thin enough to catch the sun’s rays. The roof also has a small solar plate that, when turned on, will automatically light up the rainbow mosaic when it gets dark and turn it off when the sun comes back up. This is a bird feeder that’s pleasing all day and night.

Wagners Deluxe Blend Bird Seed


Your giftee will need some great bird seed to go in all their bird feeders. The Wagner’s line has good reviews, with buyers saying the seed has attracted hundreds of birds. Wagner’s has seed bags for specific types of birds, like its nyjer seed for finches or its songbird variety, but for wild birds, this Deluxe Blend will do the trick. Buy seed with a feeder to make your gift extra special.

The Sibley Birders Life List and Field Diary for birding


With all their bird watching, birders will want to log all the different types of birds they spot. There are many books available, but this Life List and Field Diary has the best reviews. It was designed by ornithologist and best-selling author David Sibley, who put his passion into making the book useful for bird-watchers. The diary includes a section with a list of 923 birds found in North America, five species per page, and fields to write the date, location and other notes of the sighting. There’s also a checklist of species, plus a life list, where your giftee can track their sightings in chronological order.

Monocular Telescope For BirdingMONOCULAR TELESCOPE

True birding fans don’t want to just glimpse birds on feeders. They want to see them in nature but also up close and personal. If they don’t want to disturb the birds, the only way is with binoculars. This monocular telescope is a bestseller because it’s powerful, small enough to put in a pocket and can be focused with one hand. It magnifies to 12 times the size, and has a large 360 feet field of view, allowing your giftee to see an eagle’s nest high in a tree. The monocular telescope also has enhanced light sensitivity and is resistant to damage from water and fog. If your friends and loved ones prefer binoculars, try this compact set, which includes a try-pod, smart phone adapter and carry case.

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National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America


I’ve always loved National Geographic, and subscribe to their enewsletters. Not only are their photographs beautiful, the quality of their information is fantastic. So when I knew I wanted to include a birding book on this list, I looked for one from National Geographic. Not surprisingly, this book has stellar reviews, which explains why it has 2.75 million copies in print. The book is an incredible resource for birders, organized to the taxonomy developed by the American Orthnithological Society. True to National Geographic’s standards, the book has wonderful photos and illustrations that detail 1,023 species of birds! The Audubon Society also has Birding Field Guides, but they’re older. Still, they have books separated for the Eastern region and Western region, so you can personalize to where your birding giftee lives.


Of course, your birding friends need something to show off their passion for our feathery friends and their bird-watching obsession. This “Easily Distracted By Birds” T-shirt is the perfect gift. The fun design features eight pretty birds, and the T-shirt comes in 10 colors, including black, royal blue, brown and olive. They can have one for every day that they get out into nature to watch the birds.

Do you have a birding fan on your gift list? Which one of these will they like best? Let us know in the comments.

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