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9 Gifts for Back to School Online Learning

Remember when we used to go to offices or sit and learn in big classrooms filled with people? We’d laugh and tell jokes and be together. Ahh, the good old days. Both work and school or college have changed a lot. Instead of white boards we’ve got screens and headphones. Online learning and working isn’t necessarily all that fun, but it’s not going away anytime soon. Since it’s back to school season, I’ve been looking up online learning gifts that will make it more fun, from comfy chairs to pillow desks and more. Check out all the ways you can make the home office or classroom awesome.

Please note: Purchases made through the links below could give us a small commission, but we only include products we’d like ourselves and have good reviews. For more, check out our Who We Are page.


lap desk online learning giftsLAP DESK

Whether your giftee has an actual desk or is using their own lap, a lap desk is a great way to work at home. Many different types of lap desks are available, but there are many reasons why this one has great reviews. The wrist cushion protects you from injury, there’s a slot to hold up a tablet or open book, and there are pouches to keep pens and pencils handy. Plus, of course, there’s a cushion underneath to keep the desk comfortable on your lap and at the best angle for work.

Bed Shelfie online learning gifts


If your giftee’s classroom or home office is their bedroom, this adorable Bed Shelfie will make a great gift for them. It fits on all bed frames and has felt on the touch points to protect the bed. The Bed Shelfie holds up to 15 pounds and makes a great shelf to keep a tablet, small laptop, drink and notebook handy.

Noise cancelling headphonesNOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES

Interruptions are unfortunately normal with online learning and working, which is why cutting down noise is a must! These noise cancelling headphones are bestsellers and have amazing reviews. They’re also wireless, which means you’re not completely tied to your screen — so wonderful when you’re on a computer or tablet all day. They connect with Bluetooth and have a built-in mic. The earcups are cushioned nicely and swivel for 90 degrees for the best fit to your head. Bonus, they come in six different colors! Love it.

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wireless earbudsWIRELESS EARBUDS

I’ve got a small head and full headphones rarely fit me, so I’ve always been more of a fan of earbuds with a microphone. I’ve got lots of wired ones that I love, but these wireless earbuds with built-in mic are on my wish list. They connect via Bluetooth V5 with a range of 50 feet and charge through a Type C USB in 90 minutes. They give you 6 hours of playtime at 75% volume. Going wireless lets you step back from the screen, which is so important and helpful when you’re spending so much time on a computer. There’s no wonder why these wireless earbuds have such great reviews. They make great online learning gifts.



motivational posters


Motivational posters are great in classrooms and offices, and who couldn’t use more motivation right now? I love these colorful chalkboard designs. They’re vibrant, fun and sure to brighten up a home classroom or office.

Hughapy chair cushionHUGHAPY CHAIR CUSHION

Often learning or working from home means sitting at a dining table for hours and hours and those chairs are not always the most comfy. That’s where this Hughapy cushion comes in! This giant cushion and backrest is put on a regular chair to give more comfort. It basically turns a regular chair into an armchair. Doesn’t it look like you could just sink into it? Mmmm It comes in different sizes, styles and materials as well as lots of colors to match any style.

fluffy rug online learning gifts


Working and learning at home is so much nicer if you’re in a fun, comfy space, and a fluffy can help make that a reality. This 4-foot rug is small enough to brighten up a small corner of an apartment or house that has been turned into an office or classroom, but cute and bright enough to lighten it up. The rug is available in this teal as well as cream, green, grey, grey-purple, hot pink, pink, and purple.

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hanging folder storage


Staying organized is essential but fitting a filing cabinet or storage boxes into a small home office — or home office area, as is often the case — isn’t always possible. That’s why I love this hanging folder holder. It can be hung over the back of a door or on nails on a wall. The one pictured measures 14 inches wide, 47 inches long and can contain up to 10 folders. A five-pocket version is also available, but the 10-pocket is only a few dollars more, so it makes sense to get the bigger one if you have the space. Each pocket fits one standard A4 folder.


dry erase stickies online learning gifts


I love sticky notes, and these McSquares Stickies take them to the next level. The squares are dry erase, so they’re reusable, and they’re stickable so better for the environment than paper sticky notes. The best part is that they stick to just about any smooth surface. The manufacturer does warn that if you’re using them on a wall, to test them out in a corner that’s hidden first. But work great on windows or the fridge or countertops… The Stickies come in a variety of sizes and the 4-inch ones are available in different colors. They’re a fun and eco-friendly way to take notes.

If your giftee already has lots of sticky notes, you can also get them a fun holder, like an old-style Polaroid camera or toaster.

Do you have any items you love to use in a home office or classroom? Let us know in the comments.

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