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9 Gifts Every Knitter (Or Wanna Be Knitter) Needs

When I was a kid, I made a macramé hanging plant holder and became hooked on yarn crafts (no pun intended!). There was something so relaxing about working with my hands, and when I was finished, it was so satisfying to see this wonderful thing I had made. I always wanted to graduate to knitting. My grandmother was a big knitter and made the most beautiful sweaters. She was in demand with all my friends when I was a teenager. All of them wanted her to knit them a sweater, because hers were nicer than the ones in stores.

Sadly, I’ve never gotten around to learning how to knit, but every January, I think maybe this will be the year. Looking at these fabulous knitting gift ideas, I feel inspired!

Do you know someone who loves to knit or has always wanted to start? Get these knitting gifts for their birthday or another occasion this year.

Knitting Pattern Calendar2020 KNITTING PATTERN CALENDAR

Help your loved ones keep knitting this whole year with the 2020 pattern calendar. The calendar contains more than 100 patterns from favorite designers. Each includes the materials needed, all instructions, and a color picture of the final product. There are patterns for mittens, cowls, blankets, socks, toys… and much more.

Knitting Bag


This bag is a knitter’s dream. It easily organizes all their knitting and crochet accessories with individual pockets. Plus it has space for 6 skeins of yarn and a compartment to store the project you’re working on. But the most ingenious part of this bag is that each skein holder has a hole where the yarn can be threaded to keep it in place while you knit. No more tangles. Two-way zippers and magnetic snaps keep everything securely in place, and the nylon material is lightweight, making it great to carry on trips or just to your favorite couch. The bag comes in 7 colors in small or large sizes, and the large has an optional added cover. Another option is this round Stick Happy bag, but the Teamoy has better reviews.

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Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook SetKNITTING NEEDLE AND CROCHET HOOK SET

For adventurous crafters who both knit and crochet, or want to try both, this knitting needle and crochet hook set will keep them working. The 96-piece set contains 18 bamboo knitting needles in a range of sizes, 5 crochet hooks, 12 lace hooks, and more. Plus there’s a case that fits everything neatly inside. No more lost equipment.


Watching my grandmother knit, one of her biggest challenges was keeping her yarn from bobbing all over her lap and onto the floor. She would’ve loved this bowl. The skein sits in the bowl and the yarn is threaded through the curved cut out on the side. When the yarn is pulled during knitting, the skein no longer bounces around. Instead, it stays comfortably inside the bowl. This ceramic version is smooth to allow the yarn to spin freely without snagging as it’s pulled. Also, the bowl is heavy enough that it won’t topple as the yarn moves. Bonus, the bowl is pretty. It comes in four colors, turquoise, orange, royal blue and gold, and has the words “Make your own magic” printed on it. I love that!

Knitting Journal


Dedicated knitters often have more than one project going at once. And when they make something amazing, like my grandmother’s sweaters, they’re asked to knit another and another. When patterns are tricky, it can be difficult to make them as good every time. But that’s where this knitting journal comes in. There’s space for up to 50 projects, where you can plan out future projects, make notes on past projects, and keep track of everything you’ve knitted.

Round Knitting LoomKNITTING LOOM

Hardcore knitters might say using a loom is cheating, but I say that anything that keeps the fun going is good with me. Knitting looms make it easier to create scarves, socks, hats and more. This set comes with four looms that are 5, 7, 9 and 11 inches in diameter, perfect for every project.

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Knitting For Beginners


If your loved one is like me and on the starter side, get them going with this book by expert craftswoman Emma Brown. KNITTING FOR BEGINNERS includes an introduction to tools, tips for avoiding mistakes, glossary of terms, diagrams for stitches and techniques, 15 patterns, and more. The book even boasts that it’ll have your loved one knitting within 3 days! What’s better than that? Another reference guide that’ll help them speed up their learning curve is this one from Vogue. These are on my want list.

Caring Crochet Club Blanket and Teddy


Another great way to plan projects is to get ready-made kits, and when you’re helping someone else at the same time, that makes the work all the more enjoyable. With the Caring Crochet Club, you create and donate. Kits are sent out every four weeks with materials and written pattern instructions for that month’s project. Each kit contains everything needed to make chemo caps for patients with cancer, blankets for traumatized or ill children, and other projects for organizations that help people. Details about the organization are included inside each month’s materials, so your knitting loved one can know they’re creating for a cause.


Your knitting and crocheting loved ones will get a laugh if they find this t-shirt under their tree in December. Riffing off the popular song “Let It Snow,” the t-shirt celebrates what all knitters know–that bad weather outdoors is a perfect excuse to stay indoors and knit. Buy this now to get a Christmas gift off your list early.

What gifts do you like to give the knitters in your family?

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