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9 Fun & Practical Aprons for Holiday Cooking

The start of the holidays is upon us. Even if the pandemic is keeping you apart from a lot of your family and you’ll be celebrating over Zoom, the holidays still mean lots of wonderful cooking. I don’t usually wear an apron while I cook, but one of the favorite things in my kitchen is an apron signed by Hannibal Lector. I promise I don’t cook the same things he does! Whether your loved ones wear aprons or not, they can be great conversation pieces. So here are 9 fun aprons that’ll make great gifts.

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Turkey Time fun apron


Especially for Thanksgiving is this “It’s Turkey Time” apron, sporting a fun and patriotic beer-drinking turkey. The apron is 100% cotton, water-resistant, anti-shrinking, non-fading and machine washable. It even has three large pockets to hold gadgets and utensils.

This shit is going to be delicious fun apron


In case there’s any doubt that your loved ones’ cooking is amazing, they can let guests know with this fun apron. As well as funny, the apron is practical, sporting three pockets that are big enough for spice jars, tongs, ladles or more. The apron is made of heavy-duty cotton and measures 27 inches by 27 inches, with an adjustable neck strap and a 45-inch waist strap.

pork apron giftPORK APRON

Meat eaters will appreciate this fun apron. Who doesn’t like their butt rubbed and pork pulled, in pork-speak, of course?! The apron is 95% polyester and 5% cotton, and has two large pockets on the front. Perfect for grilling, broiling, or however you like your meat.

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Your opinion wasn't in the recipe fun apron


You know when you slave over a hot stove for hours then someone tells you exactly what you should’ve done with the meal? Set them straight in a funny way with this “Your Opinion Wasn’t In the Recipe” apron. It’s got two large pockets, adjustable neck strap and 40-inch waist ties to fit all the cooks in your life.

Secret Ingredient fun apron


We all know love is the secret ingredient of all good cooking, and this apron makes that clear. The apron is 100% cotton and measures 32 inches height and 27 inches long. The neck strap is adjustable to fit all sizes, and the pockets at the front have plenty of space to carry utensils, recipes or more. Best yet, the apron is machine washable, so feel free to get messy with you cook.

Stylish pockets apronPOCKETS APRON

Pockets are a must for practicality in the kitchen, and this apron provides with style. Made of lint-free soft cotton, this double-stitched apron has two main pockets as well as chest pocket that’s perfect for a cell or recipes. It would even make a great crafting apron. It’s super stylish and also comes in cappuccino brown, dark grey, indi pink, light grey, light mint, navy blue and premium khaki. Some of the colors have varying pocket designs. I especially love the quick-release buckles on the strap, which goes over the shoulders, crosses in the middle of the back, then ties at the waist for extra comfort.

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Nightmare Before Christmas apron


Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies, so I have to include this fantastic apron. It features a bunch of the fun characters, including Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie and more. This apron is also waterproof, which is great for cooking, and it has two pockets. It can be washed in a washing machine for easy cleaning.

red vintage maids apronRED VINTAGE MAID APRON

Sometimes it’s fun to dress up a bit when you’re cooking, and you can with this pink vintage-looking maid’s apron. The polyester/cotton blend apron is machine washable and measures 69 cm wide and 71 cm tall, with ribbon waist straps that can be tied into a pretty bow. It’s also available in all red.

Bring me a cold beer apron


Cooking is thirsty work, but the cook shouldn’t have to do everything. This funny apron let’s everyone around know, “If you can read this bring me a cold beer.” It’s the least they can do. The apron is made of 100% heavy-duty breathable cotton and measures 30.5 inches by 28.3 inches. The front of the apron has three 7-inch-tall pockets for utensils, oven mitts or even a cold beer.

Do you have some favorite fun aprons? Let us know about them in the comments.

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