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9 Fun Gifts Under $20 for Your Boss

It’s Secret Santa time! And as daunting as this can be to buy a gift for a co-worker, what if you draw the short straw and have to get a gift for your boss? Don’t worry, we’ve got 9 ideas they’ll love. Warning: Some of these gifts require your boss have a sense of humor. Shop accordingly.

Executive Mini Tee Time Sandbox


If your boss would rather be on the golf course than in the office, get some brownie points by bringing the green to them, just hope they don’t end up in the sand trap. This Executive Mini Sandbox includes a plastic tray, sand, putting green, rake, stone, flag and golf ball and putter. You might never have to have a meeting again.

Proud Boss Notebook


Let your boss show some employee love with this notebook. The book measures 6 inches by 9 inches, so perfect to carry to a meeting. The front has “I Am a Proud Boss of Freaking Awesome Employees” on the front and 108 lined pages inside for lots of notes.

Tabletop Golf Mug


Got a boss who loves coffee and golf? Get them this mug, allowing them to drink and play at the same time. The 11-ounce mug has a hole in the bottom that’s perfect for practicing putting. It comes with a mini golf ball and golf club. Bonus, the golf club is a pen!

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Daily Mood Flipchart


Help your boss make it easy for their employees to know what kind of day they’re having. With this Daily Mood Desk Flipchart, they can quick display if they’re Giddy over a new sale, feeling Neglected by a lack of meetings, or Spent after a harrowing day of bossing. The flipchart has 47 moods with a representative smiley face and snarky definition.

High Five Notepad


Does your boss find it hard to give praise? Help them along with this High Five notepad. Anytime someone does a good job, your boss can simply check a box to say, “You used your brain” or “You sealed the deal” or even on the lower end of praise “You are employed”. There’s even a “Keep it up” check box at the bottom for a little extra encouragement.


For the boss who has to have their coffee before they can tackle the office’s problems for the day, give them this mug and you’ll be their favorite employee. Every morning, all they’ll need to do is pour their coffee then point at the mug anytime someone tries to talk them. Now that’s efficiency at its best.

Complaint Department Sign


Every boss has to deal with complaints, but you can give them an easy and smile-producing way with this sign. Anyone with a complaint need only take a number—if they dare. The sign can sit on a desk or be mounted on a wall, so it can be placed wherever it’s convenient for your boss to point.

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Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit


If your boss laughs along with their employees about the corporate talk, they’ll get a kick out of The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit: An A to A Lexicon of Empty, Enraging, and Just Plain Stupid Office Talk. In the book, author Lois Beckwith hilariously advises readers how to kiss ass, gossip and avoid annoying colleagues, as well as defines the more puzzling corporate words, like incentivize and synergy.


Of course, if your boss decorates his office in Star Wars posters and constantly calls you Luke, a Yoda Best Supervisor mug might be the way to go. Yoda’s my favorite mentor in the Star Wars universe, and I’m guessing most Star Wars fans feel the same way. It’s a lucky boss who’s told by Yoda that they’re the best. And there’s even a Yoda Best Boss mug too. Make your boss’ holiday by putting this under your office tree.

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