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9 Fun Gifts for Star Wars Fans Who Love Coffee & Tea

Every morning, when my coffee or tea is ready, I choose my mug carefully. Sometimes, I feel nostalgic and go for my high school reunion mug. Sometimes, I let my mug take me to Hogwarts. Other times, a plain mug is the one. Most days, though, I pick out one of my Star Wars mugs. Like this morning, I drank my coffee out of our heat-activated Death Star battle mug like this one. It’s practical and entertaining.

To some, coffee mugs are just a vehicle for hot liquid. But to true coffee or tea fans, the mug you drink out of can make a statement. For me, it’s also about the fun. When I’m hard at work, if I can lighten my day with a fun mug, I’m all for it.

Drinking from my Star Wars mug today got me thinking about the coffee- and tea-loving friends on my gift list who also love Star Wars. So I gathered up these seven mugs and more that I know they’ll love. Your friends will love them too.

Yoda Best Barista Star Wars MugYODA BEST BARISTA MUG

There’s a whole line of these fun “Yoda Best” mugs, and we featured another in our 9 Fun Gifts Under $20 for Your Boss post. For coffee lovers, though, this “Yoda Best Barista” mug is perfect, especially if they’re Star Wars fans. Who doesn’t want Yoda to think they make the best coffee? I do.

May The Froth Be With You Star Wars MugMAY THE FROTH BE WITH YOU MUG

I love clever mashups. I even wrote about 7 Fabulous Mashups for Star Wars Fans. That’s why I love this Starbucks Star Wars mug. Would a Storm Trooper make a good barista? Probably as good as a mermaid, and if they’re trying to please Vader, they’ll definitely be motivated. The best part about this mug is that fabulous tag line. May the froth be with you…

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Sass Is Strong Star Wars MugSASS IS STRONG MUG

Ever since I was a kid and saw Vader say, “The force is strong with this one,” I’ve wanted a jedi to say that about me. Now that I’m an adult, this mug might be more accurate. If you know someone who embraces their sass, let them know, “The Sass Is Strong With This One.”


I LOVE heat-activated mugs. As well as the Death Star one I talked about above, I have this Hogwarts Mischief Managed one. So fun! This lightsabre Star Wars mug is on my to-get list for myself. It’s a great gift for anyone who’s longed to have a lightsabre of their own and loves all the different lightsabres in the series. The mug features 13 lightsabres from the Star Wars universe. It’s got Luke Skywalker’s, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s, Yoda’s and more. When the mug is cold, only the hilts and their owners are shown. Pour in coffee, tea or some other hot drink, and the bright, glowing blades show up. One warning: Do NOT wash this mug in the dishwasher. My well-meaning mother put my Hogwarts heat-activated mug in the dishwasher and it was ruined. So sad! I had to buy a new one. This lightsabre mug is too fun to be ruined, so when you gift it, make sure your friend knows it’s hand-wash only. It’s worth it.

Whos Your Daddy Vader MugWHO’S YOUR DADDY? MUG

Ha ha! Fans of the original Star Wars movies will get a kick out of this mug. Finding out the truth wasn’t fun for Luke Skywalker, but for us, this is gold. The design is on both sides, so it’s a great gift for your left-handed and right-handed friends.

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Yoda Obi Wan For Me Star Wars MugYODA OBI WAN FOR ME MUG

Awww! Star Wars puns are always good to make a loved one smile. This mug is for the special someones in your life. You can show them they’re the Obi-Wan for you.

Death Star Teapot and MugDEATH STAR TEA POT AND MUG

How cute is this?! Normally I wouldn’t consider the Death Star as cute, but as a teapot, it’s adorable. This set consists of a 12-ounce teapot that sits on a 6-ounce mug. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe and will delight any Star Wars tea drinker. There’s a similar BB-8 teapot/mug set too. Buy them together to make your gift even more special.


I work from home and love my single-cup coffee maker, but I’d love to have this one. Check out that Chewbacca mug! It looks like he’s telling us a secret. With this Rebel Alliance coffee maker, your friends and loved ones can celebrate their Star Wars fandom with every cup they make.

R2-D2 French PressR2-D2 FRENCH PRESS

We love French Press coffee at Wrapped In A Ribbon and featured some great gifts for lovers of French Press. Star Wars fans will love this fun French Press made to look like our favorite droid R2-D2. It holds 960ml of coffee and is adorable.

Who are the Star Wars fans on your gift list? Which of these will you get them? Let us know in the comments.

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