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8 Spooky Gifts For Halloween Lovers

I’ve got lots of friends who say Halloween is their favorite holiday ever. And it’s not surprising. The costumes, the candy, the spookiness… what’s not to love? People love to be scared, even if they’re looking at scary things through the gaps in their fingers. That shiver down your spine makes you feel alive. Being scared about something fun and silly is a great way to bond with friends. With Halloween just a couple weeks away, now’s a great time to shop for Halloween gifts for your friends and family members who look forward to the holiday as soon as they wake up on Nov. 1. And these gifts don’t have to be given now. You can save them for birthdays, Christmas, whatever holiday you want. Check out this gift guide and stock up.

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disapproving ghost tee Halloween gifts


I love this T-shirt for Halloween gifts. It’s a great play on the spooky “Boo!” And the ghost is super cute. The shirt is made to order and comes in 16 colors and lots of different styles. You can also get it with the design on the front or the back.

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Halloween bag


How cute is this spooky drawstring bag? The polyester bag measures 15 inches wide by 19.5 inches high, so it’s a great size to carry all your favorite spooky items. The design is also available on totes, mugs, stickers and more.


Jack Skellington face mask Halloween gifts

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally face mask


Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite all-time movies. I even dressed as Sally one Halloween. So I love love love these fun face masks giving you the smile of Jack Skellington and Sally. They’d make great gifts for a couple who both love spookiness. The masks come in sizes for adults and kids.

Handbook for the Recently Deceased Halloween gifts


This replica from the prop in the movie Beetlejuice is great for fans of the spooky to bring the spooky into their own lives. Every time I watch this movie, I wonder what’s inside this book. What kind of tips do the Recently Deceased need? This version is actually a notebook! So your giftee can create their own or use it for whatever notes they’d like. The book is available with lined paper, graph paper or blank pages.

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Scream socks Halloween gifts


These scream socks are so fun for Halloween and spooky fans. The design is titled “Rain of Ghostface” and that fits perfectly. The knit crew socks are one-size-fits-all, but you can also get the design on phone cases, bags and more.

meditating skeleton t-shirt


If you know a Halloween fan who also loves yoga, get them this meditating skeleton T-shirt. It’s available in lots of different styles of tees, plus on a heap of other products, including leggings, laptop skins, and more. So fun!

hocus pocus tote bag


Halloween fun is all about black cats—and they’re gorgeous too—so I love this tote bag for spooky fans who also love cats. The 100% cotton bag measures 15.25 inches by 15.75 inches and has a 21-inch strap. It’s pretty and so fun.

Is Halloween a favorite holiday of yours? What kind of Halloween gifts do you like to receive? Let us know in the comments.

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