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8 Shark Gifts For Anyone Glued to Shark Week

Shark Week starts tomorrow on and Discovery and it’s a great reminder that sharks make great gifts. I’m not talking about real sharks, of course. No one wants to have one of them sitting on your couch! But there are lots of wonderful novelty items featuring sharks, so I had great fun putting together this shark gift guide. If you know someone who’s glued to their TV during Shark Week, bookmark these gifts for them.

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shark T-shirt gifts


This shirt says it all, all appointments are cancelled because Shark Week comes first! The tee is available in this black as well as navy, royal blue, brown and olive.

types of sharks shirtTYPES OF SHARKS

On the more educational side of shark fun, shark fans will love this T-shirt that showcases 21 different types of sharks! I didn’t even know there are 21 types. You learn something new every day…especially with this shark shirt. It comes in black, navy, dark heather, heather blue and, my favorite, the royal blue that’s pictured here.

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heart shark teeHEART SHARK SHIRT

This is perhaps my favorite of all these T-shirts. Not only is the I Heart Shark design perfect for shark fans, the bite that’s taken out of the heart gives me a good laugh.

mask shark gift


You can be your own terrifying shark with this fun Jaws face mask. This non-medical mask is made of 95% polyester, 5% spandex and 100% sharktastic.

smiley shark mask gift


With all those shiny teeth, sharks have the best smiles and this non-medical face mask celebrates just that. It measures 7.25 inches wide and 4.6 inches tall to fit snugly over your own nose mouth.



shark gift socks


No one wants a shark’s teeth around their ankles in real life, but on socks? What fun! You can also get blue socks with ominous swimming sharks, socks with sharks getting ready to attack and hilarious socks with an arm coming out of a wide open shark’s jaw! Get one, get them all. These socks will make a fun shark gift.

watch shark giftSHARK WATCH

It’s always shark time with this shark watch! The face is 1.5 inches in diameter and the length for the whole watch (band and face) is 10.24 inches. Bonus, the watch is water resistant for 30 meters, so you can even wear it at the beach. Just don’t confuse it for a real shark.

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pillow shark gift


You know that moment when you’re watching a shark glide spookily through the water on TV and you really wish you had something comforting to cuddle? This throw pillow is it! This fun cushion measures 16 inches square and you can get the cover only or the cover and pillow inside. The best part is that this fantastic design is printed on both sides, so if you need to use it to cover your eyes when you see a particularly scary shark attack, the picture won’t be hidden.

Also, check out these 8 Jaws shirts for shark lovers.

Do you have any loved ones you don’t see during Shark Week? What’s your favorite shark gift to give them? Let us know in the comments.

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