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8 Pretty, Funny & Adorable Egg Cups for Good Yolks

I couldn’t agree more with the slogan: The Incredible Edible Egg. Eggs are good on so many levels, and they’re great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’re even great in desserts! But lately I’ve been thinking about boiled eggs, namely the soft kind. When I was a kid, my mother used to make me a soft-boiled egg nestled in a cup with a slice of toast smothered in Marmite cut into thin strips, which would get dipped into the delicious, oozy yolk. Mmmmm I’m feeling nostalgic for this simple comfort, so I’ve gathered some wonderful egg gifts.

The other wonderful thing about soft boiled eggs is the egg cups. They don’t have to be a simple cradle. There are some fantastically fun egg cups on the market, making a comforting egg even more time. Some are pretty, some are practical, some are hilariously funny.

Got a friend of family member who loves to cook or eat eggs? Check out these egg gifts for them.

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Bird egg cups for egg giftsBIRD EGG CUPS

These bird egg cups are so pretty and cute. The colors are fashionable, and I love the detail of the flower on the bird’s wing. The design is even practical, with the bird’s tail becoming a handle.

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Patterned egg cups for egg giftsPATTERNED EGG CUPS

If your egg-loving giftee is more of a traditional decorator, they’ll love this set of six porcelain egg cups. They’re hand-painted in three styles. Nicola Spring also has a utensil rest in the same blue flower pattern, and plates in the light blue and orange designs, plus more. so you can make your gift more of a kichen set. Browse the full Nicola Spring shop to find other matching items.

Chicken Feet egg cupsCHICKEN FEET EGG CUPS

As long as your giftee isn’t squeamish about the idea of their egg having chicken feet, these egg cups could be good for a laugh. The set of four are made of stoneware and glazed for a quality finish. They’re also dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

Miss Nessie egg cups for egg giftsMISS NESSIE EGG CUPS

Adorable! I love these Miss Nessie egg cups. So creative. The elegant Loch Ness Monster swims in a tray reminiscent of the lake of Loch Ness and carries your egg on her back. Each egg cup is sold separately, and you can get the purple here, the turquoise here and the yellow here. They’d make a great gift separately or as a set. They’re even part of a set of Miss Nessie kitchen utensils, so once you’ve got your giftee hooked, you’ll be able to keep buying more from the set.

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Mustache egg cups for egg giftsMUSTACHE CUPS

The mustache cups are as fun as they are stylish! The set of 4 ceramic cups are dishwasher and oven friendly. And yes, they come with top hats too.

Sumo egg cups


Haha! This set of two sumo egg cups is as cute as it is hilarious. They’re made of hard plastic with a silicone mawashi (the traditional belt) and dishwasher safe for easy clean up. And best yet, if you’re eating with a friend or partner, you can have a real food fight! 😉

Batman egg cup and bread cutterBATMAN EGG CUP

Batman fans, rejoice! This is the ultimate in breakfast fun. A Batman suit for your egg, bat sign cutter for your toast, and even a place to hold your spoon. Hand wash only to make sure the paint stays in tip top shape, because you’ll want to eat with Batman often.

Egg of Thrones cup


And finally, Game of Thrones fans will get a chuckle out of this Egg of Thrones cup. The egg sits on the throne, which is made of spoons, forks and knives. So fun!

Do you have a egg lover in your life? Which of these egg gifts will you get them? Let us know in the comments.

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