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8-Plus Natural Soap Gifts For a Spa Day at Home

I’ve always loved giving fancy soaps as gifts. To me they feel indulgent, because I would never buy them for myself … even though I probably should. I do try to buy soaps that are natural, though, and that’s what I love to also give. Nothing says you care about a person quite like giving them a natural soap gift. And if it has health benefits, all the better.

The soaps listed here have natural ingredients, no chemicals, and, in many case, are even made cruelty-free. I love that! And better yet, the scents and benefits of all the ingredients used to create these soaps make them worthy of any spa.

So if you’ve got a friend or loved one who’d love to have that spa feel at home, give them a natural soap gift they will ask for again and again.

O Naturals Citrus natural soap giftONE NATURALS CITRUS 6-PACK

One Naturals soaps are paraben free, sulfate free, lye free, and cruelty free. I like that. Plus they’re made with cold-pressed oils and good for all skin types. One Naturals has a whole line of natural skincare products, including scrubs, body butters and body washes. Their soaps come in a variety of themed sets. While they all look wonderful, I’m partial to this citrus six-pack for its lovely flavors.

Zum Bar Goat's Milk natural soap giftZUM BAR GOAT’S MILK SOAP

As well as being all natural, these soaps look so fun with this corrugated shape. The cream and purple colors are pretty too. The soaps are made of naturally homogenized goat’s milk, so they’re smooth and moisturizing. And the woody smell of frankincense is blended with floral lavender. Made by Indigo Wild, this three-pack of 3-ounce bars makes a nice natural soap gift.

Dr Squatch 3-Pack natural soap giftDR. SQUATCH THREE-PACK

Dr. Squatch has a great reputation for wonderful, organic soaps. They don’t use any parabens, chemicals, sls, or other toxic ingredients, and the soaps are cold processed in small batches. Dr. Squatch has a number of flavors, but this three-pack has the best reviews on Amazon. It contains Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, and Nautical Sage. Dr. Squatch’s products are marketed as “manly,” but at Wrapped In A Ribbon, we don’t believe in limiting for gender. After all, I’m a woman and I love the idea of Nautical Sage soap. So check out the many Dr. Squatch flavors and products and find one for the natural soap lovers on your list.

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Rotorua Mud Natural Soap giftROTORUA MUD SOAP

We’ve all heard of the benefits of mud baths, but with this mud soap, you don’t need to go to a spa. The soap is made of geothermal mud from Rotorua and Manuka honey from New Zealand. Manufacturer Wild Ferns says it’s gentle, natural and washes away impurities and bacteria. Plus, the soap is free of parabens, allergens, mineral oil and created with no cruelty to animals. Nice.

Dead Sea Salt & Mud Natural Soap giftDEEP SEA SOAP

Wild Ferns says soap made from its mud is better than soap made from the Dead Sea, but you can be the judge with this soap. Made by Hera Nature, these soaps have two layers, and one of the soaps in this three-pack combines a layer of mud with a layer of salt. The other two combine mud with thermal sulfur and pomegranate with salt. Each of these has multiple benefits for skin, making this set a great natural soap gift that your giftee can use on their face or body.

Volcanic Ash Natural Soap gift


This volcanic ash soap is made of ash from the geothermal lavafields in Iceland, which is supposed to help slow the aging of skin. Reviewers love it, saying the scent is fresh with a musky hint. But the best part is the ash in the soap, which makes it course like a pumice and leaves skin feeling soft.

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Vegan 6-Pack Natural Soap GiftVEGAN COLD-PRESS SOAP

Made in Canada, this vegan cold-processed soap also has no fragrances or synthetic chemicals and is cruelty free. Each soap is infused with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and unrefined avocado oil, giving it a rich lather that makes skin feel soft and moisturized. This best sellers box contains six flavors: Avocado Grapefruit, Coconut, Lemongrass, Lavender, Ecumint with eucalyptus and peppermint, and Seaweed Sea Salt. To top off the earth-friendly feel of these soaps, the six-pack is in a recyclable cardboard box.

Natural Soapmaking Book For Beginners


Of course, if your loved one is crafty, you could help them make their own soaps. This Natural Soap-Making Book For Beginners is a great way to start. The book looks gorgeous inside, with wonderful photographs of soaps and soap ideas. But the book also looks easy to use and educational. It has recipes for soaps, like Uplifting Salt Soap and Relaxing Lavender Soap. Plus, there are step-by-step instructions to teach soap-making techniques that your giftee can use to make their own flavors. Even better, the book includes a fragrance wheel with details on which scents are fresh, etc., and a table of natural colorants, like tumeric for yellow and carrot juice for orange. Inspire your crafty loved ones to make their own soaps with this book.

Who do you know could use a spa day at home? Do you have a favorite natural soap you like to gift? Let us know in the comments below.

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