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8 Perfect Gifts For A Christmas Story Fans

With Thanksgiving over, we’re now officially in the holiday season, and for many, that means digging out their DVD of A Christmas Story. This is one of my husband’s favorite holiday movies, and he’s not alone. The comedy has many fans, and has inspired lots of fun gifts that you can give to ones in your life. In my search for the perfect A Christmas Story gifts, I found a bunch, but these are my favorites. For all the people you know who identify with Ralphie and wanted their own Red Ryder BB gun when they were growing up, help them re-live the laughs with their own bit of A Christmas Story fun.

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A Christmas Story socksRALPHIE ANKLE SOCKS

How cute are these socks? They celebrate all the best parts of A Christmas Story, including Ralphie in the bunny suit, the BB gun with the reason why Ralphie should not be allowed to have one, the “Oh Fudge!” incident, the hilarious leg lamp, and the main title. The officially licensed five pairs of ankle socks are 98% polyester and 2% spandex, fit sizes 9-11 and washing machine friendly.

A Major card game A Christmas Story giftsA MAJOR CARD GAME

You and your friends can play A Christmas Story yourself with the A Major Card Game from Funko. In the game, players help Ralphie get the BB gun and decoder ring he wants by trading cards and giving other players “triple-dog-dares” to make risky trades. If you have the leg lamp, you have extra power, but you might not have the coveted lamp for long. The family card game is fit for ages 8 and up and sure to make the holidays funnier.

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Ryder T-shirt A Christmas Story gifts


There are some great T-shirts commemorating the warning that came so unfortunately true, but this is my favorite. The design is reminiscent of advertising for the Red Ryder BB gun, even though the consequences are not good. Brilliant. The TeeFury shirt is available in all the usual sizes and on a tank top, sweatshirt and other items. You can also get the T-shirt in black or navy, but the red is pretty perfect.

Pole Lick T-shirt A Christmas Story gifts


One of the funniest, and maybe grossest, parts of A Christmas Story is the infamous pole lick scene. No triple dog dare is worth getting your tongue stuck on a pole, unless you’re a kid. This moment is immorialized in this fun T-shirt, which even has the movie’s leg lamp as the T in Christmas. Available on one of our favorite retail sites, Redbubble, the tee comes in every size, lots of different styles and a heap of colors.


A Christmas Story soap face maskIT WAS SOAP POISONING MASK

Poor Ralphie. So many bad things happened to him in A Christmas Story. The soap poisoning seems pretty fitting to be on a face mask. The mask is two layers of 95% polyester and 5% spandex with electric straps. It measures 7.25 inches by 4.6 inches and works for anyone ages 13 or older.

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Pink Nightmare A Christmas Story phone casePINK NIGHTMARE

There are some fun designs that celebrate Ralphie’s pink nightmare, but this is my absolute favorite. It takes the bunny suit to a new level as a poster for a horror movie. I wish this movie was real! The design looks great as a phone case, but it’s also available on a number of other items, including T-shirts.


Leg lamp A Christmas Story giftsLEG LAMP

The A Christmas Story fans in your life can have their very own major award with this 20-inch replica of the leg lamp in the movie. Isn’t it fun? You can even pair it with this leg lamp night light.

A Christmas Story leg lamp artLEG LAMP ART

There’s something so fun about something as hilarious and ridiculous as the leg lamp in A Christmas Story dressed up like it’s more serious artwork. Love it! The print is available in four sizes: 12-inch square, 16-inch square, 24-inch square and 30-inch square. You can also get the design on an art board, poster, notebook and more.

Of course, you could also give your friends A Christmas Story on Blu-ray and package it with a copy of the book that inspired the movie. It’ll keep them laughing all through the new year.

Do you have a favorite A Christmas Story gift? Let us know in the comments.

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