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8 Jaws Shirts For Shark Lovers

It’s that wonderful time of the year when people gather around their televisions to watch sharp teeth and fins swim by. Yep, Shark Week is coming up from Discovery, starting on Aug. 9, but National Geographic has already kicked off the shark frenzy with its five-week — yes FIVE — SharkFest! As the network describes it, it’s “100+ hours of shark entertainment.” When I think of sharks, I always think of the classic of all shark movies, Jaws, and there are some really fun T-shirts that celebrate the Jaws of all shark movies, especially that great line, “We need a bigger boat.” For all your family and friends who are glued to their TVs for Shark Week, check out this gift guide of Jaws shirts.

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quints anti shark shirt


You’ve got to hand it to Quint for trying. This shirt reminds us of the captain’s great plan for getting rid of the shark in Jaws. Doesn’t look like the best plan to me, but then, I’ve seen the movie. The shirt comes in a bunch of different styles and lots of colors, but I’m partial to the red…which was the color of the water after, well, you know…

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quint shark fishing Jaw shirtQUINT’S FISHING

When you think of sharks, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the classic movie Jaws, making this tee a perfect shark gift. Give this shirt to your shark-loving friends, and every time they wear it, they’ll remember that great scene when Capt. Quint remembers the sharks attacking his crew.


amity island shark Jaws shirt


Another shirt that celebrates the awesomeness of Jaws, this Amity Island tee has the famed billboard after the shark attack. Brilliant! It comes in a variety of colors and styles,  including long-sleeve shirts and baseball shirts, so get the one your shark-fan family will love the best.


game over shark shirt


If only getting away from a shark was as easy as clicking Yes or No to continue! This shark shirt from TeeFury confirms that we will need a bigger boat if we come face to face with these teeth. The shirt is available only in black, but you can also get the design on a sweatshirt or tank.

boats just fine Jaws shirt


The title of this TeeFury tee is Polite Jaws, but I think it’s simply hilarious. The illustration is great too. The T-shirt comes in this navy, charcoal, royal blue or black, and you can also get the design on a sweatshirt, tank top or face mask to scare the nasty COVID-19 away.

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bigger boat shark shirt


I’m a big fan of mashups, and if your shark-loving family and friends like Calvin & Hobbes, they’ll get a kick out of this shirt design. A Calvin-esque Quint is in perhaps the smallest boat possible. He definitely needs a bigger boat.

Amity boat hire jaws shirt


After Jaws, Amity got better prepared according to this Jaws shirt. Amity Island Boat Hire has “Small Boats & Bigger Boats”. Very wise. The shirt is available in this turquoise as well as royal blue, or on a sweatshirt or tank.

amity swim club Jaws shirt


This is one swim club I do NOT want to belong to, but Jaws fans will love it. Shown is the fitted scoop style, but you can also get the design in lots of other styles, like V-neck, as well as in plenty of other colors for all your sharking-loving family and friends.

Will you be watching shark shows for the next few weeks? Which of these gifts would you put on your wish list? Let us know in the comments.

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