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8 Gifts For People Who Love Hot Dogs

Summer always makes me think of barbecues, summer movies and hot dogs. While the good ole dog is great by itself in a good bun and slathered with Ketchup and mustard, I love trying different ways of eating them. The chili dog and grilled cheese dog are favorites, but after seeing this list of The Best Got Dog Toppings You Haven’t Tried Yet on Taste of Home, I really want to try the Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs with Cheese Sauce. Mmmm! Hot dogs are tasty, fun and definite comfort food. We’ve all got friends and family members who love a good dog, so check out these hot dog gifts that are nostalgic, practical and lots of fun.

Hot Dog Roller giftsHOT DOG ROLLER

How cute is this old-fashioned hot dog roller? It brings back memories of hot dogs at movies and fairs. And it’s practical to boot! The roller cooks up to 8 regular-size hot dogs or 4 foot-long dogs, plus up to 6 buns can be warmed in the canopy. You can even adjust the heat. Drip trays are easy to remove for cleaning. This novelty hot dog maker will be a hit at parties, and hot dog lovers will love to unwrap it.

Hot Dog Steamer giftsBUN AND DOG STEAMER

Also on the nostalgic theme is this Coca-Cola bun and dog steamer. It fits 24 dogs in the steamer tray, and 12 buns in the warmer. The easy dial lets you cook dogs or keep them warm. Plus, the steamer tray could be used for vegetables, fish, dumplings or more. The steamer can be disassembled making cleanup simple.

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Dino hot dog holder giftsHOT DOG HOLDER

Hot dogs aren’t the cleanest foods to eat, and putting them on a plate just means they’ll fall on their side spilling out the goodness from inside the bun. Weeniesaurus to the rescue! This hot dog holder makes hot dogs even more fun. Bonus, the dino is food safe and BPA-free.

beach blanket hot dog giftsPICNIC BLANKET

Your friends and family members can eat a hot dog while lying on a hot dog with this fun blanket! Machine washable, the blanket is made of microfiber and could also be used as a towel. It’s apparently super soft, and at 5 feet wide, big enough to lounge comfortably. Sellers BigMouth Inc also have blankets that are hamburgers, sushi, pizza and a milk carton with the missing Barb from Stranger Things, so your picnic can have all the food groups and fandom covered.

hot dog mug


Ha! While you’re eating your hot dog on your hot dog blanket, you can drink from your hot dog mug! This fun mug holds 12 ounces of your hot dog-loving friends’ favorite drink. It’s hand-wash only and not microwave safe to keep the hot design looking…well, hot doggy.

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hot dog pillow HOT DOG PILLOW

Hot dog gifts don’t get much funnier than this hot dog throw pillow. Made by Pillow Fun, you can also get various donut pillows, a French bread pillow, French fries pillow, a hamburger and more. These give a food fight a whole new meaning!

earrings hot dog gifts


While you’re eating hot dogs on your hot dog blanket, cuddling your hot dog pillow and drinking from your hot dog, you should complete the picture by wearing hot dog earrings, right?! Haha These fun hot dog earrings are hand painted and about the size of a quarter. They’ll make you the talk of your next barbecue.

corn dog makerCORN DOG MAKER

If the hot dog fans on your list want more variety in their diet, give them a corn dog maker! This electric corn dog maker skips the frying, making the dogs a bit more healthy and the cooking much cleaner. You can cook up to 6 standard-size dogs covered in your favorite waffle mix. It makes a great gift.

Do you have a favorite way to eat hot dogs? Let us know in the comments.

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