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8 Funny Mugs for Those who Love Puns

Every morning, after going to the bathroom, the first thing I do is make my coffee. Coffee is such a big part of my day, and I love the routine of it. Part of the routine is picking out which coffee mug I should drink from each day. How am I feeling? How did I sleep? Am I in a funny mood or a serious mood? A snarky mood or a loving mood? So many factors are involved in selecting the perfect coffee mug to drink from, and it’s good to have choices.

Of course mugs are not limited to those who drink coffee. Before I started drinking coffee, I drank hot tea. Before that it was hot chocolate. And nothing says that mugs are limited to hot drinks either. I’ve used mine for water, wine, soda. In short, a mug is a great gift for just about everyone. The really cool part is that there are so many mugs out there. Here at Wrapped in a Ribbon, I’ve found 8 of my favorite punny mugs to share with you guys (because I love puns!). (Also these don’t have bad words on them; there are plenty of mugs with bad words, but those will be reserved for a future post). So go ahead. Embrace your love of puns and find the perfect mug for that special someone in your life!


Poking fun of the Tyrannosaurus Rex (and his tiny little arms) is like a favorite past time, but it’s not always about making fun of our dino friend. With this clever pun, your tea drinker will love choosing this mug and celebrating with a cup of their favorite tea and the scariest dinosaur ever to roam the earth. And with the fun dinosaur, even the youngest of hot beverage drinkers will appreciate it!

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OMG is there anything better than this clever pun on Rick and Morty? The kettle and mug on the design are perfect, fun, and sure to make every Rick and Morty fan thrilled to unwrap this present. They can make a giant cup of coffee and then kick back while watching their favorite show (be it Rick and Morty or something else).


I love love love Bohemian Rhapsody, and this mug is a must-buy for me (oh, I mean that special someone in my life). The pun is clever and the llama is dressed like Freddie Mercury. I love the ever-living llama out of this mug!



Instead of just one mug for your pun-loving gift receiver, why not get them four? This great set of four punny mugs, featuring Dolphinitely Drunk, Stay Coo, Bearly Awake, and Just Chin Chillin (my favorite of the bunch) will give them choices and let every day start with a smile (along with a nice hot beverage!).


I would love to claim that all my puns are on porpoise, but I am not that funny (or punny)! But this mug will make your special someone smile every time they pour a drink into it. From the bold font to the happy porpoise, this one is sure to please your marine animal lover!

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Since we’ve had some porpoise fun, next up is the manatee. The manatee has skyrocketed in popularity in the last decade which makes this the perfect hot beverage mug for gifting to a friend, a co-worker, or just about anyone. The words only show up when a hot beverage fills the inside of this nice 16 oz mug, making tea time that much more fun. And if you don’t love the manatee design, they have a variety of other designs, including such funny puns as “Wanna go on a picnic? Alpaca Lunch” and “You have Cat to be Kitten me right Meow.”



I love the fun play on Spanish in this mug! Also, the abstract art is a total win for me. This is for the true cat lover…the one that realizes when a cat needs you, you just Gato go!



I love puns and I love nerdy humor, and that’s what makes this coffee mug so perfect. The cat looks like a nerdy scientist, but he’s got a ball of yarn, and his name is Dr. Whiskers. Your cat-lover is going to love receiving this mug!

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