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8 Fun Bob Ross Gifts For Happy Little Fans

A while back, my husband and I started watching episodes of the Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting TV show at night to relax us before bed. There’s something so calming and peaceful about watching him paint his scenic landscapes with their happy little clouds. It’s no surprise that the Bob Ross YouTube channel has more than 4 million subscribers, even though Bob died in 1995. With that much popularity, there’s a very good chance that you’ve got a Bob Ross fan on your gift list. So I’ve gathered my favorite gifts that feature the peaceful painter. I just might have to get some of these for my husband (but, shush, don’t tell him.)

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Chia Pet Bob Ross giftsBOB ROSS CHIA PET

Who better to make into a Chia Pet than Bob Ross with his signature hair? The Chia Pet kit includes the Bob Ross bust pottery planter, a plastic drip tray to collect the water and enough chia seed packets for three plantings. It’s ch-ch-chia fun for the whole family.

Bob Ross mugBOB ROSS MUG

My husband and I love heat-activated mug. I’m currently drinking coffee out of my Star Wars one. And this Bob Ross mug is a perfect use of the heat-activated technology. The box calls it a “self-painting mug” and that sounds about right. Cold, the mug just has Bob and his paintbrush. But pour in your favorite hot drink and viola! A wonderful landscape appears. The back has one of my favorite quotes from Bob Ross: “We don’t make mistakes. We have happy accidents.” So fun.

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Bob Ross Bob's Burgers Tee


Here’s a fun Bob mashup T-shirt with Bob Belcher of TV show Bob’s Burgers blended with Bob Ross. Of course, as Bob Belcher, Bob Ross would have to paint a burger. The tee comes in 17 other colors as well as a vast array of different T-shirt styles, including long-sleeved, baseball and V neck.

Happy Accidents tote


Bob Ross was always on the positive side of life, and his signature quote, “No mistakes, just happy accidents,” mirrors that. Having it on this tote bag in a sunny yellow will keep your giftee on the bright side of life. The design is also available on a bunch of other products, like laptop sleeves, stickers and more.

Beat the Devil T-shirt for Bob Ross gifts


Bob Ross fans will also have fond memories of watching the painter beat his brushes while saying, “Beat the devil out of it!” That’s celebrated in this fun T-shirt design, which comes in other colors too, like red, green and blue, as well as numerous styles.


When Bob Ross fills in multiple trees in a forest, he does it with the wonderful reason, “because everyone needs a friend.” Show your Bob Ross-loving friends you care by giving them this super cute magnet.

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Bob Ross pouch for gifts


At the start of every episode, Bob Ross would tell viewers all the tools and colors they’d need to paint their own happy little trees, and that ritual is honored in this sweet pouch. The pouch is available in three sizes: small at 6 inches by 4 inches, medium and 9.5 inches by six inches and large at 12.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Artists will love carrying their own tools inside a Bob Ross pouch. You can also get the design on T-shirts, duvets and more.

Happy Lil Cloud journal for Bob Ross gifts


When Bob Ross painted the sky, he’d always include some “happy lil’ clouds.” So sweet! Help your loved ones stay in that calming mode with their own Happy Lil Cloud journal. The hardcover journal has 128 pages that are available in ruled, graph or blank.

Are you a Bob Ross fan? What are your favorite Bob Ross gifts? Let us know in the comments.

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