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8 Easter Egg Gifts To Celebrate The British Way

Easter is just around the corner, and while that does make me think of church, I have to admit that my first thought about Easter is always chocolate. Growing up in England, Easter was a prime holiday for chocolate lovers like me. You see, every Easter in the UK, all the candy companies create special giant hollow chocolate eggs filled with their individual candies. The giant eggs are wrapped in colorful, shiny foil and make the perfect Easter egg gifts.

Fun, right? I remember this one Easter, a friend and I collected loads of these big eggs for all our favorite types of candy. We displayed the boxes on top of her wardrobe, gazing at them longingly as we waited for Easter to come so we could dive in. I loved the big Easter eggs as a kid. Now, as an adult, I’m nostalgic for them.

The U.S. doesn’t really have something that’s equivalent. You can get giant chocolate bunnies or half of a large solid egg, but I miss the hollow ones from England. You’d break them open and get not only the awesome chocolate egg to eat, but also a little bag of your favorite candies inside.

Lucky me, I found some of those giant Easter eggs on Amazon! So join me in a trip down my Easter childhood…

Cadburys Giant Mini Egg Easter egg giftsCADBURY’S BIG EGG MINI EGGS

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs are my all-time favorite Easter chocolate. A small egg of delicious Cadbury’s chocolate surrounded by a crisp sugar shell. I think the best way to eat them is to pop one in your mouth, carefully crack the sugar shell with your teeth, then let the chocolate melt halfway in your mouth. Finally chomp down on what’s left. Mmmmm And to have all that goodness inside a hollow egg made of the same chocolate is heaven.

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Cadburys Creme Egg Easter egg giftsCADBURY’S CREME EGG

Like Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, the Creme Eggs are only available at Easter time, but they also get their own special giant egg treatment. The Creme Egg itself is designed to mimic an actual egg, with a gooey, sugary fondant inside as the egg white and yolk. The giant egg comes with a box of five Creme Eggs inside. You might be on gooey goodness overload after eating this.

Giant Yorkie Easter eggYORKIE EASTER EGG

Yorkie bars are like the trucks of British chocolate. They’re chunks of solid chocolate together in one bar. Think bars of gold connected at the hip but in chocolate. Yum. The Easter Yorkie egg contains two full size Yorkies inside the big hollow egg. So good!

Lion Bar Easter egg giftsLION BAR EASTER GIFT SET

Lion bars are delicious, fun and decadent. Layers of wafers and caramel are covered in chocolate and crisp cereal, making them gooey and crunchy. Like with the Yorkie, another Rowntree bar, the Lion bar hollow egg contains two full size Lion bars. Yummy indeed.

Maltesers Easter egg giftsMALTESERS EASTER EGG

Maltesers are kind of like Whoppers but the honeycomb in the center has smaller holes. When you let a Malteser melt in your mouth, the center dissolves away. The giant egg comes with three mini packs of the golden chocolatey goodness. There’s a large egg for Maltesers Teasers too, but it’s currently unavailable.

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Cadbury Crunchie Easter egg gifts


Crunchie bars also have a golden center, but the honeycomb is harder and gives you a satisfying CRUNCH when you bite it. The honeycomb bar is covered with a layer of smooth chocolate. Two bars come inside the giant chocolate egg. You might want to workout your jaw muscles in preparation for getting these as Easter egg gifts.

Double Decker Easter egg giftsDOUBLE DECKER EASTER EGG

Double Deckers are my husband’s favorite of all the British chocolate bars I’ve introduced him to. The bar has chewy nougat and crisp, crunchy cereal inside, all surrounded by Cadbury’s wonderful chocolate. The hollow egg contains two Double Deckers. My husband will drool when he reads about this, and the chocolate lovers in your life will too.

Terrys Chocolate Organge Easter egg giftsCHOCOLATE ORANGE EASTER EGG

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are special. They’re a sphere of chocolate sliced up like, you guessed it, an orange. Plus the chocolate is infused with orange oil to give it an orange flavor. This special Easter egg uses that same orange chocolate to make the egg too. Delicious!

Another of my favorites as a kid was Cadbury’s Buttons. They’re little, well, buttons of solid chocolate that are so easy to pop into your mouth. There’s an Easter egg for those too, but it was unavailable when I wrote this.

Which of these British Easter egg gifts have you tried? Or want to try? Let us know in the comments.

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