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7+ T-Shirts For Great Earth Day Gifts

Earth Day is on Wednesday and this is a special year for this holiday. It’s the 50th anniversary! I admit I’m a proud tree hugger, especially now when we need medicines and we get a lot of our medicines from forests. I’m sure you’ve got friends and family members who like to show off their support for our beautiful planet too. So I wanted to do a gift guide on some fun T-shirts that make great Earth Day gifts.

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Earth Day 2020 Tshirt


Although not an official Earth Day Network T-shirt, this 50th anniversary design is so pretty. I love the colors of the mountain range and sky in the center. Gorgeous! You can also get the design on a shirt in 16 other colors, plus lots of different styles, like a baseball shirt, V-neck and more. This shirt is a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

I Want You To Save The Planet Tshirt


Earth Day is all about calling people to action, and this shirt does exactly that with a little help from Planeteer Man! This fun design is available on in T-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops. There are also two colors: this turquoise and royal blue. Help the planet lover in you life give their environmental mission a little muscle with this tee.

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Earth Day tee


Yes, the destruction of our planet affects all of us, as Earth reminds us in this super cute tee. I love how cheerful the Earth is, and notice the appropriate spelling of “friendly.” Hilarious! This T-shirt comes in this turquoise, as well as navy, powder blue and royal blue.

World of Words Tshirt Earth Day gifts


The campaign to save the planet starts with words, and this tee shows off our wonderful world made of wonderful words, like Peace, Diversity, Love, Unplug. Beautiful! It’s available on RedBubble in 16 colors and a variety of styles, like a graphic T-shirt, long-sleeve and baseball. Fans of our Earth will love to show off what we’re all about with this tee.

Thats All Folks Tshirt Earth Day gifts


This tee is funny but also bittersweet. I love the mashup of Earth Day with the end of the Looney Tunes. Of course, the burning planet is the bitter part, but that’s what Earth Day is trying to prevent! The T-shirt is available at, and comes in three colors: this royal blue,  navy or black. You can also get the design on a sweatshirt or tank.

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Dont Mess With Mother Tshirt


I love this shirt. Mother Nature is a bad ass, but even bad asses can be hurt. That’s why we need to protect her. The preshrunk cotton shirt comes in 16 colors. It’s available from RedBubble, so the design can be bought in multiple shirt styles.

Be The Change Tshirt


Stopping climate change is about changing our behaving, and we can inspire ourselves and others to Be the Change this Earth Day. This scoop tee comes in six more colors, but you can also get the design on other types of shirts with more color choices.



You can also buy official Earth Day Network T-shirts, which is a double gift since your purchase will also support the work the Network does around the world. has T-shirts, caps and more, with this design saying “It’s Not A Day — It’s a Movement”, as well as other designs.

Want to help change the planet this year? Know someone else who does? Share the message with one of these shirts.

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