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7 Personalized Gifts to Make a Valentines Day Statement

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is in a couple of weeks, and this year, you can make it personal. Sure, you can grab a quick card and some chocolates, but to truly show your love, make a statement with a personalized gift. Since these types of presents need a little more time to get ready, we’re telling you about them early.

Here are 7 unique ways to tell your significant other you love them.

Handwriting Bracelet


Engraved jewelry is wonderful, but when it’s engraved with words written in your own handwriting, it’s all the more special. These bangles have your hand-written words engraved on the front or on both sides of a curved plaque. The bangle comes in silver, gold of rose in a variety of widths. You can also get bracelets with your handwriting actually creating the band itself. Now that’s personalized!


As an author, I can dedicate my stories to my husband, parents or friends, but I love that this book can really celebrate who they are. Author M.H. Clark has filled the book with prompts to help you write about the person you’re giving the book to. For example, “You’re even cute when you _______” fill in the blank. The book also has fun illustrations by Justine Edge that add to the prompts. One reviewer said she got one of these books for her husband and had their kids, family and close friends fill in different parts, making the book both touching and hilarious. I love that idea.

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You know it’s love when your Valentine wants to wear socks with your face on them. They’ll definitely get a good laugh out of this personalized gift. The socks come in lots of different colors, including your face under columns of multi-colored skulls. So much fun.

Message In a Pill BottleMESSAGE IN A PILL BOTTLE

There are messages in a bottle, and then there are messages in pills in bottles! This glass jar contains 25 blue and white capsules that, when pulled apart, contain a tiny piece of blank paper. Write a romantic message on each one, place them back into the capsules, then give the jar to your Valentine. You can also get a jar of 25 green and white capsules, light blue and white capsules or pink and white capsules. If you’ve got more to say, go with the multi-colored 90-capsule jar.

Custom Star Map


Celebrate a special place you share with your loved one with this custom star map. Choose a place (city, state or country) and a date, and the stars in the sky seen at that place at that time will be recreated on this map. You can also choose the color of the star map and print your names or other text. The maps are printed on wood and come in five sizes. Maybe you want to remember the stars at the time you met, or your first date, or your wedding, or perhaps even this Valentine’s Day. Whatever the special date, memorializing it in a star map creates a wonderful gift.

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Engraved Moon Lamp


We featured a moon lamp in our collection of night lights, and while it’s beautiful and romantic all by itself, imagine how much more meaningful it would be with your love engraved on it? There’s a moon pre-engraved for a husband, wife, daughter, son, or mom plus a fully customizable one that can have text or your picture placed on the side. The color of the moon lamp can be changed with a touch from amber to white, as well as the brightness. This personalized moon lamp is a beautiful way to celebrate your love for any romantic or space fan.


I love snow globes. My husband gave me one for The Nightmare Before Christmas recently. It’s so awesome! But personalizing a snow globe would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. Place a picture of the two of you inside along with a statement of your love on the bottom. The globe comes with four pre-printed inserts, but you can also create you own with the words of love you want to say. To make the globe yours, just remove the top and base and swap out the photo and insert. It’s romantic, thoughtful and personal. Love it.

What would you say to your love one on their personalized Valentine’s Day gift?

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