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7 Must-Have Night Lights for Romantics, Star Wars Fans and More

Who says night lights are only for kids? A few years ago, my husband bought us a star projector for our bedroom. We’d switch it on and fall asleep to the dim but shimmering light of stars slowly rotating on the ceiling above us. It was lovely. I recently found it in a box, plugged it in, and it still works beautifully. It made me realize that a night light would make a wonderful gift for the people on your list who are romantics or have a sense of wonder in their hearts.

Here are 7 night lights I’m excited to try out…


This night light is similar to the one my husband bought us, but this one has more options. This version projects light through decorated films, and three films come with the lamp: stars, the solar system, or a happy birthday celebration, making it great for a fun birthday gift. The images can be projected still or rotating, and the rotation has different speed options. There are also different lamp colors—white, yellow and blue—as well as a slow fade feature for night. One of the things I love about this product is it can be powered by batteries or via a USB connection if you’re out of AAs.


I bought one of these as a gag gift for my husband a couple years ago, but it quickly became something we both loved. Let’s admit it: We’ve all got to get up and pee in the middle of the night at some point. And when you stumble over to the toilet and are greeted by a glowing bowl, it definitely brings up a smile. The light sits under the toilet seat and has a motion detector so it knows when someone wanders up. During the day, it won’t be activated, but in the dark, the toilet bowl will glow with color. You can set it to your favorite single color or have it to rotate between its 16 LED colors. There are also five levels of brightness, depending on how bright you want your glow in the middle of the night.

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Aurora borealis night light


Seeing the aurora borealis is on my bucket list. One day! For now, this night light looks like a great alternative. Like the star night light above, this unit projects light that rotates on the ceiling. In this case, however, the lights are inspired by the aurora borealis’ pulsing multi-colored waves. There are eight options: a red and green Streamer, green Natural, blue-purplish Nebula, teal and red Universe, orange and red Fiery, white, green and red Wild, blue and pink Secret and pink and red Magic. The projector tilts through 45 degrees for the best placement. There’s even a built-in speaker, so you could plug in an iPod or other mp3 player to play music or some other relaxing sound. Plus, the unit automatically shuts off after an hour, so it’s great for when you’re trying to sleep.


I love the ocean, and while SCUBA diving is out for me since I get claustrophobic, this projector seems like a fun alternative. Similar to the projectors above, the light rotates and has different color options. The difference with this one is the wave-like atmosphere. There’s a 45-degree tilt, but this unit also can be attached to a wall for more ways to display the projection around a room. Built-in speakers can play six types of natural sound, including forest, waves, seagulls and more, but you can also connect a phone or tablet to play mp3s. Plus, there’s a remote and timer that can be set for one, two or four hours. This is perfect for a sleep aid or even some romantic lighting for a special dinner.

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This is less a night light than a beautiful lamp. The glowing globe has been 3D printed based on photos from NASA’s satellites. It comes with a white ceramic base shaped like a hand, but the globe itself is battery-operated and can be placed wherever you’d like. The battery is rechargeable and lasts around eight hours, but as for as I can tell, it doesn’t have an auto shut-off. It does have a dimmer and can change between a cool and warm white. If you know someone who loves space, this could be the ideal gift.


I love trees, and a lit tree indoors seems magical. This cherry tree has 48 LED lights with 16 color-changing modes and a remote control. The branches can also be adjusted for the ultimate shape. It needs to be plugged in so will have to be placed near an outlet. But wherever you place it, it’ll light up the wall in blue, purple, green, red, warm white, or more colors. Lovely.

Death Star night light


Star Wars fans will love to have their own version of the holographic Death Star plans on their coffee table. They can plan their own attack just like Princess Leia. This night light has 7 colors and can run through them all automatically. It’s battery-operated but can also be powered through a USB.

Got someone on your list who could use a little more light in their life? Give them one of these.

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