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7 Great Gift T-shirts for Vegetable Lovers

Tomorrow is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, making it a great day to pick up a couple vegetable T-shirts for your special someone! If you’ve ever looked around for vegetable T-shirts, you’re sure to have stumbled upon a couple punny ones. I know everyone has different opinions on puns. Personally I love them, and just putting together this post made me want to order at least three of these. I keep trying to figure out which is my favorite, but I can’t choose! If there is someone in your life who happens to love vegetables, make them smile every time they get dressed with a really cute punny vegetable T-shirt. And if you have a favorite of your own, I’d love to know what it is! I’m always looking for new T-shirts for my collection!


Vegetable T-ShirtsI LOVE GARDENING

For the person in your life who has a vegetable garden and loves to garden, this T-shirt is perfect. It comes in three styles and a great selection of colors, so make sure to pick the right one. Pretty sure I love the kelly green the most as it really has that fresh tomato feel! “I love gardening from my head tomatoes” 🙂


Vegetable T-ShirtsROMAINE CALM

So this is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to vegetable T-shirts! Not only is the saying so cute “Romaine Calm” but the drawing of the romaine lettuce is priceless. Also I eat romaine lettuce about every day, so that factors in, too. A super solid choice. Check the colors and style on this one, too. The heather blue is pretty sweet looking!

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Vegetable T-ShirtsI DON’T CARROT ALL

Though I love the romaine shirt above, this I am pretty sure is my favorite of these vegetable T-shirts! Not only is the saying great “I don’t carrot all” but look at that rabbit holding the carrot and just looking at you. I kind of have to have this T-shirt. Check your size to make you get the right fit for the look you’re going for. A great choice!



I can seriously see myself wearing this shirt to the gym and getting in a great workout. I also think it would look amazing with some faded jeans and matching Vans. I love the simplicity of the celery nutrition facts. It’s the simplicity that really makes this shirt. Make sure to pick the right style and size when you’re ordering this one. Your vegetable loving someone will be forever thankful!


Vegetable T-ShirtsFRESH BEETS

Yes, I know what Beats and and no, I don’t own any. That said, the beet is one of my favorite vegetables. As a kid, I never would have uttered those words, but here I am an adult and loving beets. This shirt is the cutest, with the beet wearing Beats. A fun choice! Lots of colors to pick from, and make sure to order the right style and size!

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When it comes to vegetable T-shirts, this one is a winner for so many. It’s true. If you’ve ever worked out in the garden you know that hoeing ain’t easy! Why not get your special someone a T-shirt letting them know you appreciate them. And if they happen to smile also, then it’s a double win. The tank top style is perfect, and there are a variety of colors to pick from.



For the last of our vegetable T-shirts but definitely one of the funniest, we have this iceberg lettuce heading right for the Titanic! It’s going to hit, despite the warning. I love the clever pun of this one. The design is simple yet perfect. It comes in a handful of different color choices, though dark heather may be my favorite.

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