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7 Gifts for Readers Who Love Star Wars

It’s almost time for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!!! I bought tickets months ago, and Friday night, my husband and I will be there. I’ll even wear my Princess Leia as Snow White t-shirt to truly get into my fandom.

With my Star Wars fever raging, I’ve been looking up all the fantastic gear for every type of fan, and as a reader, I wondered if I could celebrate my love of Star Wars on my bookshelves. Yes! I found these wonderful bookish things any Star Wars fan who loves to read will be happy to get as a gift.

Storm Trooper Bookends


I love bookends. They’re like little decorations between books. And these black Storm Trooper book ends would look good on any shelf. They’re pretty hefty in size, at 5.9 inches tall by 3.9 inches long and 3.14 inches deep, each. Plus they have a non-skid bottom to keep your books in place.Yoda Bookend


This Yoda bookstop is super fun. The base has silicone stoppers to keep it from sliding, but you’ll most likely need something sturdy on the other end of the books to keep them in place. Still Yoda levitating a pile of books on a shelf will definitely give bookshelves some personality.

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Millennium Falcon Night Light


Night lights usually get mixed reviews, and the Star Wars ones are no different, but this one seems to be the favorite. It clips onto the book so it can be taken anywhere. The page is illuminated by LED lights coming from the C beams at the front Millennium Falcon. It’s like Han and Luke are reading with you.I Love You, I Know Bookends


These bookends are for fans of the original three Star Wars movies. I can’t get enough of the love scene where Han Solo and Leia finally admit their love for each other. It’s wonderfully cheesy, just like these bookends.

Imperial Rebel Logo Bookends


These have to be my favorite Star Wars bookends. The red on black is so eye-catching, but even better is that each side showcases half of the Imperial and Rebel logos. You can show which side you support the most.

C-3PO Bookmark


This bookmark could become my new favorite. Simple yet so effective, the bookmark is a plain board with C-3PO’s legs sticking out of your place in your book. The legs are 2 inches long and the bookmark is 7.5 inches by 2 inches wide. It’ll make a great reading companion for any Star Wars fan.Darth Vader bookmark

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If you really want to give fans a laugh, pair the C-3PO bookmark with this Darth Vader one. This time, it’s Darth Vader’s head that sticks up out of the book. The flat part of the bookmark shows Vader clutching his lightsabre outside his cloak. What a funny sight a book would be with Vader’s head coming out of the top and C-3PO’s legs underneath. Jar Jar Binks would be so confused, and I love that.

Know a Star Wars reader? Which of these gifts are you going to get them?

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