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7 Gifts for People who Love Alice in Wonderland

Hello from Wonderland! I recently wrote a book featuring Alice in Wonderland (trapped, trying to get out, Pick Your Own Quest), and it got me thinking about all things Alice in Wonderland. Ever since I was little, and especially after I went to a Grateful Dead concert back in the 80s, I’ve been fascinated with all things Alice, from the art to the question of whether it was all just a dream, or even deeper, whether we are all a dream conjured up by a sleeping Red King, and if he wakes up, we are all going to disappear.

I’m not the only one with this fascination. There are tons of books, collectibles, clothing items, and toys centered around Alice. Disney loves Alice, and visit any Disney store or theme park, and you will be tempted to bring something home featuring the feisty heroine. I decided to check around for some fun Alice stuff, because I’m willing to bet that you have at least one person in your life who adores Alice in Wonderland like I do!



These whiskey glasses are pretty much a perfect gift for an Alice fan as far as I’m concerned. Not only are they classy and gorgeous, they’re solid and dishwasher safe. Your giftee doesn’t like whiskey? No worries! There are no rules that you have to use these for whiskey. They’re perfect for orange juice, water, cold brew coffee, growing potion…pretty much anything you’d like. They come in a set of two, and the best part is that they encourage reading, because Literature Rocks!

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If you’ve got an Alice fan who loves earrings, these Alice playing card earrings are pretty much the best. With “Your All Mad” and “Mad as a Hatter” I love that the earrings match and yet don’t actually match. These are the perfect conversation piece for your jewelry wearing Alice friend. Note that there is also a Red Queen option here to pick from.



Kind of like the whiskey glasses, these Alice playing cards are a perfect gift for your Alice fan. This full deck looks vintage and awesome and features art from the original Alice stories. From Tweedledee and Tweededum to the Duchess, the characters all make an appearance, making each card a little work of art. Your Alice fan will adore this deck of cards!



I know! I include a POP figure every chance I get because I love POP and based on the number of POP figures out there, other people do also! There are many Alice POP figures to choose from, but I love this classic Disney version. It’s sweet and simple and captures classic Alice perfectly. Personally, I’d recommend getting the entire set of Alice figures, but if you have to pick one, go with classic Alice (unless of course you go with the Cheshire Cat below).



Kind of like the playing cards, a chess set featuring characters from Alice is Wonderland is not only really cool because it’s amazing looking, but it ties into the book (Through the Looking Glass) so perfectly. I love that Alice is one queen and the Red Queen is the other. I love the playing card pawns and the white rabbit pawns. Pretty much, there is nothing about this chess set that I don’t love. Your Alice fan will adore it!

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Okay, I mentioned a second POP figure and I really couldn’t resist including the Cheshire Cat. Why? There is just something about the Cheshire Cat. He has his own agenda. He doesn’t report in to anyone. He does what he pleases. And this POP captures all that just perfectly. Buy Alice and buy the Cheshire Cat. They’d look great together on your Alice in Wonderland fan’s bookshelf.



Id’ get this teacup just for the teacup alone. Actually I’d get it just for the amazing box. But total bonus that it is actually a peach and white tea scented candle. Once the candle burns down, wash it out and your Alice fan will have a gorgeous teacup to sip their beverage of choice from. This candle and teacup does come in different colors and scents, so pick the one you think your Alice fan will love the most. I adore this pink one, but you’re really not going to go wrong with any of them!

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