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7 Gifts for Fun Star Wars Entertaining

My husband and I have given Harry Potter parties and they’re so much fun. A group of friends getting together to watch the movies and eat the food, immersing ourselves in Hogwarts as much as possible. Carrying on the theme with serving dishes would make the party even better, so when I saw the items in this post, I immediately wanted to plan a Star Wars party.

Do you know a Star Wars friend who loves to entertain? These gifts would be perfect for them for a house-warming, birthday, or any other time.


Waffles don’t have to be just for breakfast. Savory waffles like these from Beyond Mere Sustenance make great starters or sides, and sweet waffles like these on BRIT+CO are wonderful for dessert. Now imagine eating a waffle sundae that looks like the Death Star?! That’s Star Wars party gold. The Death Star waffle maker works like any other, with a light to tell you when to pour the batter in and when the waffles are cooked. The outside is stainless steel and inner plates are nonstick for easy cleanup.


What’s a Star Wars party without a carbonite-encased-Han Solo ice cube floating in your drink? Or how about Millennium Falcon-shaped chocolates? With these silicon molds/ice trays, Star Wars fans can have fun creating and eating all their favorite characters. The molds are freezer and oven safe, and BPA free. Give the gift of candy X-Wing Fighters.

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Cheese is a given for most party menus, even the Star Wars kind. Imagine serving cheese and crackers with this beautiful wooden set that has the Death Star carved into the cutting board and Star Wars-inspired cheese tools. Fancy. The cheese board has a moat to catch any brine of other liquids from softer cheeses, and the tools set includes a cheese place, spreader, curved knife with pronged tip and sharp cheese knife for hard cheeses.


This snack bowl looks kind of creepy, but what a fantastic way to serve potato salad or a snack? What Star Wars fan wouldn’t get a kick out of pulling food from Jabba the Hutt’s mouth? The bowl measures 6.5 inches long, 5.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall, and will definitely stand out on the table.


Star Wars fans want to keep rings off their tables like everyone else, and what better way than to put drinks on these beautiful stone coasters? Each coaster has cork on the bottom to stop them from slipping on a tabletop, and the stone is decorated with gorgeous patent-style drawings of R2-D2, an X-Wing Fighter, a TIE Fighter and even Yoda (although, I’m not sure Yoda would like the idea of someone having a patent on Yoda). The manufacturer also says the marble won’t stick to wet glasses, making these coasters even better.

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Know a Star Wars fan who’s also a whiskey or other liquor drinker? They will love to pour their favorite drink from this Storm Trooper’s head. The decanter is reportedly made of high-quality borosilicate glass that’s heat resistant and eco-friendly. It fits 700ML of liquid, and stoppers it with a soft bottle plug that won’t change the taste.


Beer or coffee drinks will love this Darth Vader stein. The 22oz ceramic mug protects beer from the Sith lords, while a quick press of the lever at the back, pulls up Vader’s head so you can drink. Six models are available, so you can buy your loved one the whole set now, or keep giving these for the next few gifts. As well as Vader, choose from BB-8, C-3PO, R2-D2 and a Storm Trooper.

Which of these Star Wars gifts will you be buying for a loved one?

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