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7 Games for Great Family Time Gifts

With TV, movies and videogames controlling so much of our attention, true family time—where we actually interact and not just stare at a screen—has become so small. So giving the gift of family time, might be the best gift you give all year.

One of the best ways to give people an opportunity to be with their family is to give them fun games they can play together. Here are some we’re looking forward to trying:


Not that I have anything against kittens, but the name of this game alone makes me laugh. Kittens might be cute and cuddly, but this strategic card game is described as a “kitty-powered version of Russian roulette.” But a lot less dangerous. Basically, in the game, players take turns drawing cards. If one player draws an Exploding Kitten card, they’re done for. But, players can play a Defuse Card to distract the exploding kitty with laser pointers, yoga or catnip. Players can also play other cards to skip turns, attack other players, get a look at the order of the deck or even relocate an Exploding Kitten card. The game also has expansion packs, so if you give this to a loved one this year, guess what you can get them next year?


You know when you see those awkward family photos online and come up with fun captions? This game takes that same idea but adds in movie lines. Movie lines are included, so movie knowledge isn’t necessary. Players can match 330 movie lines to 160 of the most awkward family photos, and the favorite caption wins. Four to eight players can play, ages 12 and up.

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This card game for two to six players is perfect for anyone who likes golf, zombies, or fun. In The Golfing Dead, players attack their opponents with zombie urine, hordes of dead and more. Like in real golf, the goal is to survive with the few points. This could be the most fun you’ll have in the zombie apocalypse.


Just when I thought unicorns were nice, Unstable Unicorns seems to combat that theory. Another strategic card game, Unstable Unicorns gets players to build unicorn armies then pit them against each other for total destruction. The winner is the first person to collect seven unicorns in the Stable. Players can use Magic, Instant, Upgrade and Downgrade cards to stop other players, but plans can be foiled with the “Neigh!” card. Unstable Unicorns is for two to eight players.


In Blank Slate, players try to guess what others are thinking. They write a word that completes a phrase and if depending on how well it matches others, they gets points to win. The game play looks easy and fun, and there are more than 250 word cue cards to keep it from getting stale.

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A game for mutual embarrassment, Spontuneous is about singing, but the packaging assures that talent is not required. In the gameplay, players race against each other to blurt out the name of a song that contains a given word. The goal is to stump other players, but you have to be able to back it up with a song. This game won a bunch of awards, so if your loved ones like music, this could be for them.


Tagged as “the feel good game”, Totem is all about positive emotions. Through 80 animal cards and 80 quality cards, players discover their strengths through the eyes of others. The game is listed as being fun but also great for building self-esteem, which seems like a win win to me.

Got a game lover on your list? Try one of these.

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