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7 Gadgets to Exercise at Home on All Budgets

2021 is here! While we’re all breathing a sigh of relief and hoping the curse of 2020 is behind us, we can get ready for a better future by starting on ourselves. Sadly, the pandemic is not over yet, but the good news is that there are plenty of fun ways to exercise at home, and in the long-run, they’re all less expensive than a gym membership. My husband and I moved our exercising to home when COVID-19 started its rampage last year, and while our old treadmill and Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube has been great, I could definitely use these gifts below to up my game. Keep the exercise lovers in your life busy at home with these home exercise gifts.

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Full body HIIT home exercise giftsFULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT

One of the most challenging parts of working out, whether it’s at the gym or at home, is keeping workouts fresh. Too much routine can get boring, and shaking things up is also better for working muscle groups. This full body HIIT workout makes working out at home fun and challenging. The set of three 12-sided foam dice is designed to provide a different set of fun and challenging exercises every time. Simply throw the die then do the exercises on the top face. The dice come with an exercise booklet so you know what each one is.

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resistance band home exercise giftsRESISTANCE BAND SET

My husband and I have been using resistance bands at home, but this set completely ups the game. Five resistance bands provide weights from 10 pounds to 50 pounds, but unlike my bands, these have handles that are much easier to grip. Plus the bands can be stacked on the same handle so you could pull up to 150 pounds. The set also includes two ankle straps, a door anchor to keep the bands connected, a workout guide, carry bag and workout poster.

personal gym giftsPORTABLE GYM SET

This funky looking piece of home exercise equipment has stellar reviews, and no wonder. It’s used on the Space Station to keep astronauts healthy. If it works that well in outer space, it’s sure to help you at home. The OYO SpiraFlex was created to be a full body workout, building muscle, increasing flexibility, burning fat and more without free weights. The set includes resistance for 5 pounds, 10 pounds and 25 pounds, plus leg and door anchors, a nutrition guide, and membership in the OYO Fitness Club with free online access to close to 200 exercise videos.

foldable bike home exercise giftsFOLDING STANDING BIKE

At the gym, the equipment is always big and fancy, but to be effective, it doesn’t have to be. This standing bike has a solid frame, comfortable handlebars, friction free magnetic resistance, and great reviews. You can dial through eight levels of resistance and check out your speed, distance, time, calories and pulse on an LCD display. The best part for the home is that is compact and folds easily so it can be stored in a closet.

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folding rowing machineFOLDING ROWING MACHINE

Rowing is a great exercise for the whole body, and this machine is foldable and portable for easy storage at home. The machine uses air resistance, and an LCD monitor shows exercise time, calories burned, distance and more.

sunny treadmillFOLDING TREADMILL

My husband and I bought a treadmill for our home about 10 years ago and it’s still going strong. That model is no longer available, but this folding treadmill has wonderful reviews and newer technology. This treadmill has shock absorption to help with the users’ knees, and handrail controls for speed, start and stop. The base has three incline options, and users can design their workout manually or choose from nine built-in programs.

yoga ball home exercise giftsEXERCISE BALL CHAIR

Stability balls always look so fun to me, and this set has everything you need for a full home gym workout. The ball is made of multi-layer heavy duty PVC, and made to not burst or slip during use. Attachable resistance bands help you burn fat and tone muscles. The ball comes with an exercise poster that includes lots of fun exercises to try. You can even get the ball in aqua, gray or black.

What’s your favorite way to exercise at home? Make sure you check out the other exercise gifts we’ve profiled in our other gift guides.

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