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7 Funny Oven Mitts To Keep Bakers & Grillers Laughing

I love to cook and especially love to bake, and even though oven mitts are an essential tool for baking, I’d never given much thought to them. That is until my mother gave my husband and me a cute pair of oven mitts decorated with palm trees for their Cayman Islands home. Now, like my love for fun dish towels, I can’t get enough of funny oven mitts. For the bakers in your life, these oven mitts will make great gifts.

new recipe funny oven mittsNEW RECIPE

I love the Blue Q line. They brilliantly blend vintage style images with funny modern sayings. This new recipe oven mitt is 100% cotton and will keep cooks smiling.

bear funny oven mitts


Your family and friends can get their grizzly on while they cook with this pair of bear claw oven mitts. The paws are made of heat-resistant silicone to keep your own paws cool. Perfect for baking, grilling and more.

lobster claw funny oven mittsLOBSTER CLAWS

These lobster claw oven mitts crack me up! The design is printed on both sides, so you can scare your kids brilliantly. While this is a quilted oven mitt, it’s not designed for high heat.

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avengers oven mitt for giftsAVENGERS

Avengers fans will love this oven mitt. The silicone mitt fits the left hand and will resist heat up to 445 degrees F. The question is, will the infinity stones make the cookies taste better?

salad oven mitt for gifts


Another funny oven mitt design from Blue Q, this one says “My favorite salad is wine” and has a picture of a wagon filled with wine bottles on the reverse side. The cotton oven mitt is quilted for insulation and measures 12.5 inches by 7.5 inches.

dog oven mitt for gifts


How adorable are these? I love the little ears flopping over these oven mitts. They’re made of BPA-free silicone, so heat resistant upto around 450 degrees F. They’re also dishwasher safe and non-slip, so they can be handy when opening stubborn jars. Cute and practical.

cats oven mitt for giftsWAVING CAT

More cuteness! This time for cat lovers. These oven mitts each measure 13.75 inches by 7.25 inches, and the adorable design is on both sides. They’re made of 100% cotton with a poly fill, and have a loop for convenient hanging. Best yet, they’re machine washable. Now Designs also has a set of tigers, beavers, bears, foxes, owls and pigs! You can get your baker friends the whole set.

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Do you have friends or family members who love funny oven mitts? Which of these will be their favorite?

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