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7 Fun Thumb Drives for Fans of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and More

It’s the last day of March! It’s also World Backup Day. If there is one piece of technology everyone should own, it’s a thumb drive. Not all thumb drives are created equal, and if you have someone who enjoys the bright side of life, why not gift them some fun thumb drives? I carry a thumb drive with me virtually everywhere. It’s great for printing pictures, making copies, carrying around PowerPoint speeches. It’s also a great way to back up important files that you might want to store in a lock box or safety deposit box.

I’m a huge fan of looking for the fun in everything, so I’ve searched around and come up with some of my favorite fun thumb drives. Have one you love? I’d love to see what it is!

Unicorn Fun Thumb DrivesUNICORN

Unicorns are the best, and for your unicorn fan, this unicorn thumb drive is the cutest! It comes in either white or blue and has different amounts of memory, so pick the one you think your unicorn fan will love the most. Make the smile. Help them remember to backup their data. Unicorn will magically keep it safe!


Ninja Fun Thumb DrivesNINJA

For any ninja fans out there or participants in martial arts, this ninja thumb drive is perfect. He’s got some cute little whiskers, making me think that he’s possibly a ninja cat or something. Also, when you click over, check the options. There are other great choices for fans of anime, manga, cats and more. Ninja will defend your data while cloaked in the darkness of night.

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Wrench Thumb DriveWRENCH

If you have a do-it-yourselfer in your life, then this wrench thumb drive is the once you need to gift to them. I kind of wonder if it doubles as a tiny little wrench for real. I’m thinking that would be double awesome. Regardless, if the person you’re shopping for spends time happily wandering the aisles of Home Depot, this is what they need.


Game of Thrones Thumb DriveGAME OF THRONES

Okay, Game of Thrones fans, we could not forget about you. For your Game of Thrones fan, this gift is useful and feeds right into their fandom. And wait, maybe this particular dragon is not their favorite. Maybe they would prefer Jon Snow. Check the options. Many of the Game of Thrones characters are available. Guard your data like you’re guarding the iron throne.


Star Wars Fun Thumb DrivesSTAR WARS

Star Wars fans will rejoice when they are gifted a Star Wars thumb drive (I know I would). These are about the cutest things ever, and hey, if Chewbacca isn’t your special someone’s thing, don’t worry. The options for these fun thumb drives include R2D2, BB8, and Yoda. May the force be with you and your data.

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Heart thumb driveHEART KEY

This classic key thumb drive is a great choice if you are looking for something simple and useful that doesn’t necessarily tie into a certain fandom. It’s rose gold, comes in two different memory sizes, and can also be used as a keychain. I’m thinking it would look pretty amazing as a necklace, too, and then your special someone would always have it near their heart. Give the gift of love by giving data security.


Harry Potter Thumb DriveHARRY POTTER

Finally, for the Harry Potter fans out there, have we got some fun thumb drives for you! Check the options on this one because not only can you buy your special someone Harry Potter himself, there are other characters from the books and movies, along with other favorites like Wonder Woman and Batman. Cast a spell of protection on your data when you give the gift of a wizard.

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