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7 Fun Flavors of Pop Tarts that Make Great Gifts

Yesterday happened to be “Eat Whatever You Want” day, and for some reason, my mind goes immediately to Pop Tarts. Growing up, I never got to eat fun Pop Tarts like my friends, which is possibly why I kind of think of them as the forbidden food. When I did eat them, which was when I went off to college and got to make my own smart eating choices (cue laugh track), they were always SO MUCH BETTER toasted. But toasting them required patience. so there were many times they got eaten right out of the wrapper.

There is now a crazy cool variety of fun Pop Tarts out there to choose from when you’re shopping. Do you happen to know someone who loves this tasty toaster treat? Check out the amazing things being done with Pop Tarts these days!



There is just something about pretzels. They seem to go with everything, especially chocolate as is proved true with these Pretzel chocolate Pop-Tarts! I think these things would be amazing toasted, and I really want to try them ASAP! If I have to pick just one of these fun Pop Tarts to try, I’m going with these.

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If you’re looking for more of a sampler pack of fun Pop Tarts, then this is what you need in your life. It comes with four each of Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Fudge, and Hot Fudge Sundae. I’m thinking I’d do a taste test with this one to see which is best. My guess would be the Cookies and Cream since it is always so amazing, but Hot Fudge Sundae could be a close second.



For those who are looking for more of a snack food, remember, when you’re talking about small bite-sized things, calories don’t count. This is the perfect snack food for you, your special Pop Tart loving someone, or in a gift basket. Also, wouldn’t a Pop Tart gift basket be fun?



Mermaid lovers can celebrate all things delicious and sweet with these Mer-mazing Blue Raspberry Pop Tarts. What makes these Pop Tarts so much fun isn’t the taste, I think. It’s the design on the actual Pop Tart, if I’m reading this correctly. I was trying to figure out the Mix and Match part of it, and that’s all I can figure out. It says there are 10 underwater designs, making this great as a party food special treat! Perfect for that morning after a slumber party!

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For the Froot Loop lovers in the world, worry not. Pop Tarts have not forgotten about you. Again with the designs, there are 6 unique designs that come in this pack. Add that to the yummy taste of Froot Loops, and every bite is sure to please!



I’m starting to see a theme with designs on fun Pop Tarts as these ones have snowflake sugar cookie decorations iced on them. A fun design and the delicious taste of sugar cookie make this Pop Tart a sure win.



Last but not least, if you are looking for a gift for the serious Pop Tart lover, this variety pack is just about the perfect gift! The bundle comes with 9 popular flavors and is going to make your breakfast pastry fan so very happy. I’m not sure if the flavors shown are guaranteed (my guess in no), but of them, I’d try to Confetti Cupcake first. The Wild Berry looks amazing. And the blueberry is always a win!

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