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7 Bicycle Gifts That Are Fun and Useful

We’ve always loved biking in my family. There’s such a wonderful feeling of freedom when you’re on a bike, and getting out in the sun and nature is a bonus. I love getting bicycle gifts for the bikers in my life, and I’ve found lots of fun products for bicycle fans. There are great artwork, cool T-shirts and even useful gifts. Check out this gift guide for the bicycle fans in your life.

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life behind bars t-shirt bicycle giftsLIFE BEHIND BARS T-SHIRT

This fun play on words makes a great gift for bikers. The T-shirt is available in five sizes and lots of different colors and styles. Created by Roko Clothing, the shirts are printed for each customer.

bicycle map art


I love this artwork! Biking can take you anywhere, and this print celebrates that. The print is a reproduction of a mixed media artwork. Prints are available in five different sizes: 8.5-inch square, 13-inch square, 16-inch square, 20-inch square and 24-inch square. Bike fans will love to have this on their wall.

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bicycle gifts bag and phone mountPHONE MOUNT BAG

Biking with a backpack can be cumbersome, which is why I love this bike-mounted bag. It’s big enough to hold keys, sunglasses, wallet, etc., and it’s waterproof to keep your belongings safe in case you hit bad weather. The best part of this bag is that it doubles as a phone mount. Phones can be placed in a clear window so riders can easily see the GPS, and headphones can be plugged into the phone and run safely out of the bag so riders can hear GPS instructions. It’s no wonder this bag has so many good reviews.

multi tool bicycle giftsMULTI-TOOL

No biker wants something to go wrong while they’re on a ride, but it happens. And when you’re far away from home, it’s important to have tools so you can fix your bike. But you also need tools that are small and light enough to carry. That’s what makes this biker’s multi-tool so handy. The tool, created by Crankbrothers, contains 19 tools, including two Phillips and two flathead screwdrivers, a universal chain tool, four spoke wrench sizes and more. Plus it comes with a sleek flask so it can easily be slipped into a pocket.

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life is better on a bike print


This print is so right! Measuring 8 inches by 10 inches, the print has a rustic feel and the teal color is bright and inviting. The print is unframed, so you can finish it off to match your giftee’s decor.

spoke lights bicycle gifts


Riding in the dark has never been more fun with these wheel lights. The LED lights click onto the spokes and keep onlookers dazzled. The best part is, the lights are not just fun, but also keep riders safe.

retirement plan bike teeMY RETIREMENT PLAN TEE

Biking seems like a great way to retire. For all the bikers in your life who’d like to take off on two wheels, get them this shirt.

Are there other bicycle gifts you like to give? Let us know in the comments.

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