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7 Essential Gifts For New Parents

A few of my friends have become first-time parents recently, which has filled my Facebook feed with the best pictures of cute bouncing babies. So fun! Babies get all the gifts at baby showers. But what about gifts for new parents?

Welcoming a tiny human into a family is scary, tiring and overwhelming. So giving them a gift to help will be much appreciated. Gifts to give the mom and dad comfort, save them time, help them laugh, and hold onto good memories are wonderful. For the new parents in your life, check out these essential gifts for new parents.

Heated Vibrating Massager gift for new parentsHEATED CHAIR MASSAGER

New parents are on their feet a lot, and don’t get a lot of time to relax. But relaxing is exactly what they need. A professional message helps get the knots out of their shoulders, but that will only offer one-time relief. Plus it requires time away from home and their baby. Instead, get them a chair massager that mom and dad can use at home whenever they want.

This vibrating chair massager has great reviews. It’s not a shiatsu-style massager, which has rotating knobs that knead your muscles. Instead, this is a vibrating massager for a more gentle touch. What I really love is that it’s heated to soothe and loosen tight muscles. Plus, it’s covered with plush fabric, making it cozy. Straps and no-slip rubber on the back keep it in place. The massager covers six zones, from the upper back to the thighs, and they can be run simultaneously or individually. It sounds like a heavenly gift for new parents.

Sun Basket meals make great gifts for new parentsGOOD, HEALTHY MEALS

When you’re a new parent, time is in short supply and the learning curve for everything is high. You can ease the stress levels of your new-parent loved ones by taking something off their to-do list, like meals. But you want to make sure they get good, healthy meals so they can keep up their strength for the little one. If you’re close by, taking the family some home-cooked food is a wonderful gesture but time-consuming. And what if you’re not around the corner?

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That’s where subscription services come in, like Sun Basket. The company provides the food and instructions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To save the parents’ time, meals can be pre-prepped with all the slicing and dicing done or oven-ready. The best part is, Sun Basket meals can satisfy any diet, including paleo, gluten-free, lean and clean, vegetarian, vegan, diabetes-friendly and more. They use organic foods, and even showcase the farms on their website. Good, healthy meals make a great, stress-free gift for new parents.

New Mom and Dad mugsNEW DAD, NEW MOM MUGS

New parents need to celebrate, and these Mom and Dad established mugs are such fun. They hold 11 ounces of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever the new parents’ favorite drink is. And they’re dishwasher safe to save Mom and Dad time. Bonus, to help the new parents stay healthy, pair the mugs with some energy-boosting tea from Total Tea.

Milestone Wine Labels gift for new parentsMILESTONE WINE LABELS

Parenting isn’t easy, no matter how great the rewards. New parents have to celebrate ever little milestone, good and bad. These wine labels are a fun way to do just that. The set of six labels from Hadley Designs features all the most important milestones, like first meltdown, first public temper tantrum, first sleep through the night, and more. The wine is sold separately, but you can get the new parents some fantastic bottles to pair with each of these milestones at Wine Awesomeness.

Wolf Creek Blankets make great gifts for new parents


Becoming a new parent is daunting. There’s so much to do and so much to learn, while the stakes couldn’t be higher. To take care of this tiny, brand new human, new parents need to feel comforted themselves. So while babies get blankets in baby showers, get a blanket like this one from Wolf Creek for Mom and Dad. The blanket is covered with comforting words like “Hope”, “Courage”, and “Serenity,” all good words for new parents.

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The fabric is made of breathable polyester that’s super soft and cozy. Reviews talk about its softness a lot. And best of all, according to Wolf Creek, the blanket is machine washable and won’t shed or pill. Perfect for busy new parents. I love the purple, like the blanket in the picture, but it also comes in navy, silver and teal.

You Got This Gift Box for new moms


New parents need a lot of encouragement, and this gift box gives just that. With premium soaps, a confetti bath bomb and silky body lotion, this box also gives moms the gift of relaxation. The box is aimed towards moms, but we think dads could enjoy the pampering too. Maybe an at-home date night?

Baby Footprint Necklace gift for new parentsFOOTPRINT NECKLACE

How adorable is this necklace? Babies stay babies for such a short amount of time, but with DaniqueTrends on Etsy, that newborn moment can stay with new parents forever. The actual footprints of their baby are engraved on the circular pendant, along with their name and date of birth. A special phrase or wish also can be engraved on the back. The chain comes in multiple lengths and in three styles: 14K gold filled, sterling silver and 14K rose gold filled. A beautiful way for new parents to carry their baby with them always.

Do you know a new family who could use some support? What are your favorite gifts for new parents? Let us know in the comments.

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