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7 Classic Games Every Star Wars Fan Will Want

There’s nothing like playing a classic board game to remind you of your childhood, especially when you can share it with your own kids. But when those games have been updated with your favorite classic cultural icons, it’s like nostalgia overload in the best way.

Star Wars is one of my favorite fandoms, so the idea of playing my favorite board games with Luke, Leia and Han is so much fun.

Check out these 7 board games that have been given a Star Wars twist:


I had a love hate relationship with Operation as a kid. I loved to play but was really terrible at it. I knew I wouldn’t be able to be a surgeon, that’s for sure. The good news is, with this Star Wars version, you’re not taking out Chewbacca’s organs. Instead, Han’s furry co-pilot has been infested with porgs and you can help. If you don’t get them out, Chewbacca will complain.


Trouble is always good for giggles, and in this version, our beloved R2-D2 is in trouble and we’re tasked with saving the little droid. Bonus, the game plays R2-D2’s sounds.


Look at how awesome this is! Clue was one of my favorite board games as a kid. In this version, you can play as Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, R2-D2 or C-3PO. Instead of solving a murder, you’re finding the secret plans to the Death Star, figuring out Darth Vader’s next target and stealing a vehicle to escape. So much fun!

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Star Wars Risk lets you play with the Force or the Empire. You can join the Rebel fight to destroy the Death Star or be a Clone and conquer the Rebel fleet. The game includes X-Wing, Y-Wing and TIE Fighters for attacks; the Death Star, Millennium Falcon and Executor on stands; Stormtrooper figures and more. Get epic with this Star Wars and Risk mashup.


True Star Wars fans can compete for fandom bragging rights with this Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game. It includes 1,800 questions from all over the saga that test your Star Wars knowledge. You can even play for the force you like best. Each wedge holder supports one of the factions: Jedi, Rebel Alliance, First Order, or Galactic Empire.


In this 40th Anniversary Star Wars Monopoly game, instead of building houses and hotels, you travel around the universe and collect classic scenes and vehicles from the original 1977 movie. You can build your own Rebel or Empire fleet to take over the world. Inspired by Han Solo, you can also smuggle goods with the Smuggler cards and collect money for your efforts. It can’t be Monopoly without money!

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Mr. Potato Head was another one of my favorite games when I was a kid, but this Star Wars set is even more fun. It comes with four mini potatoes that can be turned into new characters Rey and Kylo Ren, plus classic characters Chewbacca and R2-D2. Or maybe your potato will have Chewbacca’s hair and R2-D2’s legs, or Kylo’s mask and Ren’s lightsabre, or… the choice is yours.

Know friends or loved one who’d get a kick out of these games? Give them one for every celebration to round out their collection.

What classic board games would you like to see with a Star Wars twist?

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