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7 Brain Teaser Puzzle Gifts To Expand Your Brain

I love brain teasers, although, I must admit, I’m not terribly good at them. I had to cheat to figure out the Rubik’s Cube when I was a kid. But I still love the challenge of trying to figure them out. And I’ve got a lot of family and friends who are a whizz at brain teasers, so I’m always looking for new ones. All the brain teaser puzzle gifts in this guide look challenging but still lots of fun.

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This padlock puzzle from Hanayama looks deceptively simple, but it’s apparently as challenging to put back together as it is to take apart. And the most challenging part: The solution is NOT included! It’s a brain teaser puzzle gift that’s sure to keep your giftees working on it for hours. No wonder it’s an Amazon’s Choice item.

Interlocking brain teaser puzzle giftsINTERLOCKING PUZZLE KITS

I had brain teasers like these when I was a kid. My dad, who loves these kinds of puzzles, would help me figure them out. What I loved more than anything was getting the wooden puzzles apart and watching them slot back into place. Ingenious! This kit, another Amazon Choice gift, has all these puzzles, 20 pieces in all. The metal coils are stainless steel that’s strong enough to not break and has no sharp edges. They’re great for building logic and fidgeting.

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Atom brain teaser puzzle giftsATOM PUZZLE

Another Amazon Choice puzzle that looks deceptively simple is this Atom Metal Puzzler. The goal is to get the blue marble out from the center, then lock it back in again. The puzzle measure 3.25 inches square, so small enough to fit in your palm and fun enough to keep your giftee busy.

Beast 3D maze


Mazes are fun, but this 3D maze takes the challenge up a notch. It’s called “Beast” for a reason! It’s easy to play, since you just turn the sphere in your hands to move the ball around the 3D maze. But the maze has 100 obstacles, like the laughing man, tight rope and more. The challenge comes in moving the ball past all the obstacles on the numbered track without falling off. The Beast comes with an instruction sheet, then you’re on your own to beat it.

Black dragon labyrinth puzzleBLACK DRAGON LABYRINTH PUZZLE

This Black Dragon puzzle is a different type of maze. Inside the egg is a labyrinth of paths and holes, some matching the paths and holes on the outside. To solve the puzzle, place the wand into the egg at the top, then move it down to the bottom using the available paths and holes. The inner labyrinth moves up and down and turns to add to the challenge.

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Wooden puzzle box brain teaser puzzle giftsPUZZLE CUBE

This wooden cube puzzle from SiamMandalay is handcrafted and as pretty as it challenging. It measures 2.75 inches square and will be a conversation piece on any coffee table. Open it up, then try to fit all the pieces back in. The smooth wood will soothe the hands as the puzzle soothes the fidgety brain.

Slida brain teaser puzzle giftsSLIDA PUZZLE BALL

The Slida puzzle ball was a gold medal winner at the 2017 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions. The interlocking pieces are slid together to make the ball. Sounds simple, right? But the odd sized pieces with different colors will get your giftee to think outside the box to solve it.

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Do you have puzzle lovers in your family or friends? Which of these would stump them?

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