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7 Anniversary Gift Ideas That Spark Togetherness

Today is my wedding anniversary! My husband and I will be celebrating at home by ordering in from one of our favorite local Indian restaurants and simply spending time with each other. Whether they’re milestones or not, anniversaries are special and should be celebrated. My husband and I don’t go for big pricey gifts, but something that keeps us together is always nice. That’s why I love this collection of items, each of which would make a fun and/or meaningful anniversary gift.

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Our Bucket List anniversary gift


I love the idea of a couples bucket list. Life is short and we need to make the most of it. There are other couple bucket list books on the market with more reviews, but I like the new one the best. As it says in the introduction, bucket lists will be as individual as the couples. This book combines the best of the others: Ideas for a springboard to the list, a table to record a quick list that checkable when each adventure is done, plus pages to plan and remember each activity.

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Our Adventure Book scarpbook anniversary gift


For couples who love adventuring and scrapbooking, this beautiful book is a wonderful place to record and the pictures. The album is 11.6 inches by 7.5 inches and contains 80 pages that are sturdy enough for the heaviest scrapbook designs. The book also includes 5 postcards and 5 sticky photo corners. It’s well loved by people who’ve bought it and is an Amazon Choice item.


Big Activity Book For Couples anniversary gift


It’s always great for couples to tear themselves away from the TV and do activities that help them talk more. This Big Activity Book For Couples has great reviews for just that. It features games, puzzles and quizzes that couples can do together. Some are just for fun, others will help couples learn about each other.



A Year of Us anniversary gift


Another book to bring couples together is A Year Of Us. It’s fill with questions from light-hearted to heartfelt. There are 365 questions, one for every day of a calendar year or a year between anniversaries. Questions explore hopes, dreams, hobbies, sex, finance and more, and each has space where the couples can make notes. For example: “Which is harder for you and why: admitting your wrong or sticking to your guns on something you really believe in.” The end has a reflection to help couples process their year of growth together.

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Wife Husband Nutritional Facts mugs anniversary giftHUSBAND AND WIFE MUGS

Another funny anniversary gift! Each ceramic mug holds 11 ounces and is dishwasher and microwave safe. The “Nutritional Facts” are printed on both sides, so the mugs are also great for both left-handed people and right handed.


The Chef and The Dish Couples Class


Some of my favorite nights with my husband are when we cook together. The Chef and The Dish takes the idea up a notch, allowing couples to have a private cooking class at home with a renowned chef from across the world via Skype.

Mr and Mrs Right aprons anniversary gift


And for the cooking date, couples will love to have a special apron. It’s easy to see why this Mr. Right and Mrs. Always apron set is an Amazon’s Choice item. It makes a great anniversary gift for couples who like to cook together. They’re made of a cotton blend and adjustable to get a good fit. There’s also a The Boss and The Real Boss set of aprons too.

What other anniversary gift do you like to give? Let us know in the comments.

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