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6 Wildlife Gifts To Make Earth Lovers Go Wild

Yesterday was National Wildlife Day, and let’s be honest, every day is a good day to celebrate our wonderful wildlife. So many people are lovers of our planet’s amazing wildlife, including me. The animals, the birds, the butterflies, this world is filled with so much beauty. For your Earth-loving family and friends, wildlife gifts are the always welcome. Gifts from the World Wildlife Fund are a fantastic choice because they also support WWF’s global conservation work. Plus I’ve collected this gift guide of 6 fun unique wildlife items that I love and your wildlife-loving friends will love too.

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Conservation candle wildlife gifts


Want a gift that’s beautiful as well as helps wildlife? Check out these candles from Kind and Simple. Developed by a wildlife conservationist, the candles are made of natural soybean wax with lead-free cotton wicks in reusable 4-ounce Mason jars. They’ll burn cleanly for 24 to 30 hours and free of any animal-derived or animal-tested ingredients. And the best part is that 10% of the sale of each candle goes to the Wildlife Conservation Network, which protects endangered species and preserves their habitats. They have wonderful flavors like the sloth candle that smells of dark, roasted coffee with a touch of chocolate, or the rhino candle that smells of pine trees. These candles make great wildlife gifts.

Wildlife camping mugBELONG WITH WILDLIFE MUG

We all belong with the wildlife, breathing in that fresh air and seeing nature at its most beautiful. Camping is a great way to do that, but we don’t have to be a camper to use this great mug. Like any good camping mug, this one is enamel-coated stainless steel and features this gorgeous design. It holds 12 ounces of coffee, tea or your favorite drink. Hand washing is recommended and it’s not microwave-friendly, but it’ll make your giftee feel like their out on the wilds with every sip.

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owl landscape print wilderness giftWILDERNESS PRINT

I love surrounding myself with nature, but in a city or even suburban neighborhoods, that can be difficult. But that’s where art comes in. This print from Fuzzy Ink is a wonderful way of looking at wildlife. Look at the cute deer at bottom of the scene, the moon reflected on the water and those birds, so free in the sky, all set within a winking owl. Beautiful! The print is 8 inches by 10 inches, so it’s small enough to be tucked onto any wall or even standing on a shelf. It doesn’t come framed, but the standard size means it can be framed easily and inexpensively. Best part is, your giftee can choose a frame that works best for their home. Fuzzy Ink has a number of other wonderful wildlife prints, like this gorgeous wolf and fox, so check out their whole store.

Backyard Wildlife book


Help your giftee turn their yards into wildlife sanctuaries with the Attracting Birds, Butterflies, And Other Backyard Wildlife. This expanded second edition includes step by step instructions for 17 projects to give back to nature. Author David Mizejewski, a naturalist with the National Wildlife Foundation, shows how you can not only support nature, but also entice wildlife to come and visit. You might’ve heard from David Mizejewski before, since he has hosted TV shows on Animal Planet and NetGeo Wild, as well as is a regular on The Today Show. In this book, he’ll give your friends and family ideas about homemade feeders, birdbaths, ponds, native plants and lots more. If your giftee is local to you, give them the book as well as the promise of time to help them do some of the projects. Soon they’ll be watching wildlife from their kitchen window and loving you for it.

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canon camera kitWILDLIFE CAMERA KIT

If you really love your wildlife-loving friends and family, give them this camera kit specifically designed for photographing wildlife. I have a Canon Rebel, and while mine is an earlier model, I can attest that they’re great cameras. The Canon EOS Rebel T7 takes still pictures and video in full high-definition and has scene intelligent auto mode to help if you’re new to location shooting. The kit comes with the camera, plus lenses that are perfect for capturing wildlife from a distance so you don’t disturb them, filters to make your photos look like their ready for a magazine, memory card for extra storage, tripod for photo stability, and Movavi’s professional video and photo editing software, which is compatible with Windows and Mac. The kit has great reviews, saying it’s a fantastic deal for fantastic products.

Planet Earth DVD wildlife giftsPLANET EARTH

Of course, you can also give your wildlife-loving friends and family all the wildlife they can watch in the comfort of their home. The BBC documentary series Planet Earth is one of the most amazing nature series every produced. No wonder it won 4 Emmy Awards. You can get up close and personal with wildlife on the highest mountains, in the deepest oceans, and everywhere in between.

For more ways to help the Earth, check out our guide on gifts that save the environment.

Got other gifts that celebrate wildlife? Let us know in the comments.

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