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6 Ways To Buy Gift Cards For Last-Minute Christmas and Hanukkah Gifts

As much as I love finding the right gift at the right time for people on my list, sometimes a gift card is just that. For Christmas, gift cards are great if you need to send some last-minute gifts, but they’re also good for Hanukkah, where giving money is tradition. Gift cards can even be passed on to honor the Hanukkah tradition of passing on the money you’ve received to others as charity.

You can buy gift cards with broad purchasing options or get one that’s closer to the giftee’s interests. We’ve even got some great ways to save you money.


Gift Cards


Gift Card Spread offers cards at a discount. You can get electronic and physical gift cards for everything from clothing stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, beauty like Sephora, restaurants and hotels like Hyatt, and much more. If you buy a card that you end up not giving, you can also sell Gift Card Spread your unused cards. Win win.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards


You can also save money for gift cards with EJ Gift Cards, and according to them, they have the biggest discounts. You can be the judge. You can search for retailers by keyword, first letter or category. They offer gift cards from some smaller, more regional companies, like Bow-Tie Cinemas and Redstone American Grill, as well as bigger stores like iTunes and Kohl’s. And you can sell your unused gift cards to EJ Gift Cards too.

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eBay gift cardsEBAY

If you want to give your loved one the option to buy just about anything on Earth, from clothing to furniture to cars, give them an eBay gift card. You can give your loved one from $5 to $200 to spend. And while eBay has some wonderfully fun cards that can be mailed to your giftee, eBay has an digital option for speedy delivery. Gift cards can be used to buy anything on the site, as long as you’re paying through Paypal, so your giftee will need a free eBay account and free Paypal account to use the card. If your giftee likes nostalgic gifts, like vintage clothes and toys, this is a great gift option.

eGifter is the source for Gift Cards


At, you can buy gift cards for multiple stores and brands in various categories. Got a giftee who likes sports? They might like an Adidas gift card. Like to DIY at home? Get them Home Depot. Or travel? How about Southwest Airlines? TV shows? Get them a subscription to HBO Now. Or, you can buy the eGifter Choice Card, which allows your giftee to choose where they’ll spend it. Many of the gift cards have deals, like an extra $5 added on for free. Plus, you can become a member of eGifter and earn percentages for yourself on some of the cards.


Not sure which gift card to get your loved one? That’s where Swych comes in. When you buy a gift card for one store through Swych, your giftee can “swych” it for another if they want. Gift cards are sent electronically through the Swych mobile app. There are gift cards for more than 600 brands to choose from. Using Swych, you can quickly and easily buy, send, redeem and even re-gift gift cards, all from your phone.

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Amazon’s Hanukkah egift card can be bought in denominations from $1 to $2,000! The card can be emailed, texted or shared via messaging to your recipient with the message of your choice. You can even choose the delivery date. For the design, Amazon has a couple to choose from, including the one pictured here as well as a beautiful design featuring two spinning dreidels.


Here’s a great bonus last-minute gift idea: Buy your loved one a gift that gives back, like Oxfam Gifts, where your giftee will get a card telling them the good their gift has done. We wrote about 5 more gifts that give back here, and in some cases, your loved one even gets a gift too. Win win.

Don’t stress if you’re late on some gift buying. Gift cards are a wonderful option that lets the people you love get what they want when they want it.

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