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6 Useful Gadgets for Lefthanded People

Lefthanded people! Everyone knows at least one in their life. Maybe you or your special someone is left handed. They often feel left out with so many gadgets made for right-handed people, but there is a whole bunch of cool stuff made just for lefthanders! There is even a day to celebrate lefthanded people (which happens to be today!). Happy National Lefthanders Day! Whether you’re looking for lefthanded gadgets for cooking or working around the house, we’ve got you covered!

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Lefthanded gadgetsNOTEBOOK

I think of the bunch, this is my favorite thing for lefthanders. No more do lefthanded people have to struggle with their hand covering whatever they write. Now they can have a notebook made just for them! Set of three and make sure you order the correct one!


Lefthanded gadgetsKITCHEN SET

For the lefthanded chef, there is this awesome set of lefthanded gadgets for the kitchen. I’ve never before thought about the struggles when reading a measuring cup or of the kitchen mitt made for righthanders. Now lefthanders can have their own special set!

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Lefthanded gadgetsTAPE MEASURE

As a person who loves to do stuff around the house, I have at least three measuring tapes that I use frequently. Never once have I thought about a lefthanded person using a regular measuring tape. The numbers would all be upside down. But in the realm of lefthanded gadgets is this lefthanded measuring tape! Such a great idea!


Lefthanded gadgetsCAN OPENER

Another thing I’ve never thought about is a lefthanded person using a handheld can opener. This has to be one of the most useful lefthanded gadgets out there! A can opener made just for the lefthanded among us!



One thing I did know was that for the lefthanded out there, using a pair of righthanded scissors can be a real challenge. If you have a lefthanded special someone in your life, treat them to a pair of lefthanded scissors. They come in three different sizes, so make sure to pick the ones you think will be most useful.



In addition to the tape measure, for any home improvement fan who happens to be lefthanded, this 3-in-1 lefthanded utility knife is one of my favorite lefthanded gadgets! Useful in the kitchen, the garage, or really anywhere, it’s great for opening and breaking down boxes and cutting open mailers and hard-to-open plastic.

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