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6 Starbucks Themed Gifts for Coffee Fans

Happy National Starbucks Day and National Coffee Day! If you know me much at all, then you know two important things about me. I love coffee, and I love Starbucks! I am always looking for cute Starbucks themed gifts, and it’s so much fun to see all the cute and clever takes on what can be inspired with the Starbucks logo. If there is someone in your life who loves Starbucks and coffee like me, it’s a great day to pick out an amazing present and buy it for them. No need to wait for a birthday or anniversary. The time is now!

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Starbucks Themed GiftsSTARBUFF KEYCHAINS

As much as I love working out, I absolutely adore these Starbucks themed gifts that are keychains! The Starbuff name is about the cutest thing in the world, and with the set of three, you don’t have to decide which one is the cutest!

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Starbucks Themed GiftsSTAR WARS COFFEE MUG

If you’re shopping for the Star Wars fan who is ALSO a Starbucks fan, then they are going to love this coffee mug. May the Froth Be With You is about the cutest take on May The Force be with You that I’ve ever seen. I love the stormtrooper in the middle and the border around. A great choice if you’re looking for Starbucks themed gifts!



Starbucks Themed GiftsBASIC WITCH SHIRT

I actually have this T-shirt but in black, but I have to admit that the heather gray is pretty nice to look at! Check all the different color options as they are all actually very nice. I especially love the long-sleeved one, and think it would look amazing on me this fall!




If instead of Star Wars, Harry Potter is more your special someone’s thing, then this coffee mug is where it’s at! It’s got Harry in the middle and the Deathly hallows and the spell along the border. If you love it but aren’t sure about a coffee mug, there is a coaster set also that is absolutely perfect! Espresso Patronum your way to some amazing Starbucks themed gifts!

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Maybe what your special someone really wants is a personalized reusable coffee mug that they can either take to Starbucks and have filled with the daily brew or for when they make coffee at home and are heading out on the go. I have one of these cups, and I can’t get over how many times I used it. Your special someone will also!



You know a way to thrill your office, your book club, or your group of friends? Get them all Starbucks gifts cards! Always a great choice, you are going to be a coffee hero when you walk in and hand these out! There are other denominations, so if you want to buy more or less, make sure to check those out!

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