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6 Sloth Gifts For Every Occasion

Happy International Sloth Day! It’s a great day to shop for some sloth gifts for your special sloth-loving someone! For me, it was really the movie Ice Age that made me love sloths. I still find myself quoting Sid the Sloth from time to time. Such great character development and really brought sloths to the forefront of pop culture. And then there was Flash the Sloth in Zootopia, who worked at the DMV and was just perfect! So much love for that scene (and if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here).

Truly, since Ice Age, there are so many cute sloth gifts out there! The possibilities are endless. And if you happen to be in the market for some gifts for a special someone that loves sloths, we’ve got you covered for every occasion here at Wrapped in a Ribbon.

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Packed with tons of illustrations and great sloth advice, this little hardcover makes a great gift for just about anyone. The whole idea of this book is to dispel overproductivity and note that it really is okay to be a sloth from time to time.

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I am absolutely fascinated with these cross body purses by Chala. There are so many great designs to choose from (I’m sure I’ve featured at least one before this post). I pretty much love them all though the sloth may be my favorite (although the unicorn is a top contender – it’s a hard choice). Look through all the options and find the perfect one for your special someone.




Wine glasses are so much fun, and with the need to be outside more with the pandemic and all that, having a non-glass wine glass to bring with you when you meet friends poolside is a necessity. I love these stemless stainless steel tumblers so much. Use it for coffee in the morning or wine at night. This one comes in blue or white, so pick the one you think your special someone will love most.




Sticky notes are so useful, and organizational sticky notes are perfection! I kind of put sticky notes like this in the bullet journaling category. Use them right, and they will help your life. Let them sit in a drawer and never use them, and you will miss out big time. This set comes in a nice hardcover booklet and makes a great choice when it comes to sloth gifts for your special someone.

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I am a huge fan of semi-inappropriate stuff around this house, and this ring dish fits that bill perfectly. Possibly offensive to the most delicate of ears, but really funny to those who appreciate it. Which side of that does your special someone fit? If the latter, then this sloth ring dish is a really cute gift choice!



Last in our roundup of sloth gifts is this really cute sloth salt and pepper shaker set! The item name says “slow” salt and pepper shaker, and I’m not sure if that means the salt and pepper actually comes out slower or not. I don’t think so, but don’t quote me on that. And if you know, please let me know! Each set is handpainted and makes a great gift or conversation piece!

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