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6 Personalized Gifts Perfect for the Holidays

I always love personalized gifts. They give that added touch that lets your giftee know that you thinking only of them. There’s always the usual monogrammed towel or tie, but I found some personalized gifts that are also perfect in other ways. Check them out.

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personalized recipe book gifts


Recipes are personal and bring families together, so these personalized recipe books make wonderful gifts. They’ve got a gorgeous carved wood cover that can be stained in one of three different tints. Inside, the pages can be squared, lined, milky white blank or specially designed recipe pages. The books are available in 12.4-inch by 10.4-inch, 9-inch by 6.7-inch, or 6.5-inch by 5.7-inch.  Absolutely beautiful.

personalized gifts utensils


Another personalized gifts for chefs is this fun set of wooden utensils. The spoons and spatulas are made of bamboo, hand-sanded for smoothness and finished with mineral oil. When you order, make sure you put the exact words that you want on the handles, like The Smith Family as pictured. The instructions say that if only a name is submitted, like Jessica, the handles will say Jessica’s Bakery. Whatever they say on the utensils, your giftee will love them.

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personalized wooden box giftsWOODEN KEEPSAKE BOX

Beautifully crafted keepsake boxes make wonderful gifts, and personalizing them makes them all the more special. This box from the Hereafter Store is laser cut individually from alder. The box measures 9.5 inches by 7 inches by 3.5 inches tall. and has hidden hinges for a seamless look. Customization costs extra but will be so worth it for your family and friends.

custom star maps gifts


This is one of my favorite personalized gifts in this guide. In fact, I just bought two for two of my favorite people. I bought them for birthdays, so the tag line says “Under This Sky Was Born”, then I had the person’s full name in place of the &. When I ordered, the instructions asked for the name for before and after the &, but I left a note saying it would be just one name there. Then I included the date and town where the people were born, and when the prints arrived, they were absolutely lovely. The colors on the sky were gorgeous. I can’t wait to hear what my giftees think! Your family and friends will love them too.

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custom map giftsCITY MAP ART

Sometimes the personal touch doesn’t have to be your giftee’s name, but something that’s important to them. For example, do you have someone on your list who loves to travel or, like me, have lived in different places? Give them this set of three black and white street posters featuring their favorite places. My would be London, England; East End, Grand Cayman; and Austin, Texas. What would yours be?

custom home signGPS HOME PLAQUE

Another really fun personalized gift is this wall decor from The Warped Board. You give them the street address of your giftee, and they put the coordinates over the word HOME. The O is also changed to the shape of the state they live in. The plaque is available in three sizes (10 inches by 16 inches, 12 inches by 20 inches, and 16 inches by 30 inches), and you can choose from one of 24 colors. A wonderful way to give the gift of home.

Do you have favorite personalized gifts that you like to give?

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