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6+ Mystery Puzzle Books To Keep Us Busy

I love a good mystery. Whether it’s the book kind or the movie kind, I’m in. Recently I’ve been wanting to dig in to some mystery puzzles. They have more of a story than your average brain teaser, allowing you to get involved. You can almost imagine yourself as Hercule Poirot, but without the long mustache. Or you can test yourself to see if you can solve puzzles like Sherlock Holmes or break codes like the Enigma breakers at Bletchley Park. We could all use some distracting nowadays, and getting a few mystery puzzles for gifts will keep us busy.

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Sherlock Holmes mystery puzzles for gifts


Test yourself as Sherlock Holmes with The Great Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Book: A Collection of Enigmas to Puzzle Even the Greatest Detective of All. Hosted by Holmes’ sidekick, Dr. Watson, the book tells tales of their cases together, giving clues that you must use to answer questions. For example, you’ll solve the case of the red widow, who Sherlock swears is not a ghost, find a mysterious place with road without cars, and much more.

Montague Island mysteries book


Montague Island Mysteries And Other Logic Puzzles takes readers into a story of a group of friends who meet up to play murder mystery games at the island home of a wealthy couple. The book unfolds the story over 12 weekends with you as a character. You start on a dock as a boat arrives to take you to an island and introduces you to the others players. Then come the puzzles, from figuring out who’s sitting where based on clues, a true-false test, finding a missing painting and lots more. The unique book has lots of fans, and led to a second book, Return To Montague Island More Mysteries and Logic Puzzles, out now and a third, Beyond Montague Island: Every More Mysteries and Logic Puzzles, coming out Oct. 6, 2020.

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Sleuth and Solve mystery puzzles for gifts


Sleuth & Solve is makes mystery puzzles into a game. The collection of 20 mysteries has sets of clues you can read, with answers hidden under a flap. It’s designed for all ages, and can be played individually, as a family or in teams.

CSI mystery puzzles for gifts


This Crime Scene Investigation book from Brain Games offers more puzzles than mysteries, but they’re themed about crime scene investigating. Like a medical examiner word search and a spot the difference puzzle. But it also has puzzles where you match fingerprints, remember clues from a crime scenes and more. An answer key is at the back so you can test yourself.

Who Done It mystery puzzles for gifts


Brain Games’ Who Done It? Solve Mysteries and Unlock Secret Knowledge book is also more about puzzle solving than a story, but it’s still got great reviews for mystery lovers. Solve the puzzles to unlock codes and cryptograms, find your way through logic mazes and solve Spy Fly puzzles. The book also has answers at the back. Pair it with the other mystery puzzles for gifts.


During World War II, England used crossword puzzles to recruit the best codebreakers they could find. These codebreakers broke the Nazis Enigma code machine and helped to win the war. In the book Bletchley Park Brainteasers: The World War II Codebreakers Who Beat the Enigma Machine and More Than 100 Puzzles and Riddles That Inspired Them, your giftee can see if they’ve got what it takes to become a Bletchley Park codebreaker. The book contains puzzles and the recruitment stories that surround them. Fascinating.

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Who loves mystery puzzles in your life? Do you think they could solve these puzzles? Let us know in the comments.

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