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6 High Protein Snacks Featuring Cheesecake

Happy National Cheesecake Day! The whole high protein health kick is in total high gear, and with that, there are about a million high protein snacks out there for people to pick from. I’m not quite sure why, but one of the most popular flavors I see out there for these snacks is cheesecake! Maybe it’s because people think of cheesecake as a treat (which it is). Maybe it’s because cheesecake is delicious (which it is). Maybe it’s because, while variety is the spice of life, if you find a flavor you like, nothing says you can’t stick with it. In the spirit of celebrating National Cheesecake Day and also believing that high protein is good, I’ve collected together some of my favorite high protein snacks featuring cheesecake! Have you tried any? Are they good? I’d love to know!


High Protein SnacksSNACK PUFFS

These Wildberry Cheesecake snack puffs look so tasty, that I kind of want to eat them all right now! Low carb and keto friendly, these are a great snack to take on the go. I figured if I had these I would just eat them, but there are all sorts of recommendations, from croutons to breading for recipes. Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese!

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High Protein SnacksKETO SHAKE

One thing I absolutely love about shakes when it comes to high protein snacks is how well they fill you up. I actually love shakes for meal replacement. If you’re living a Keto lifestyle, Keto Cheesecake is calling your name! Low carb, high fat, it’s great Keto fuel!



When it comes to high protein snacks, snack bars are my favorite. I love how you can take them with you for the perfect snack, reducing the temptation to snack on something totally off-diet. These BariWise come in a bunch of different flavors including Rocky Road and Oatmeal. Try the cheesecake or try a different flavor. Let your healthy snacking start now!


High Protein SnacksFROOZE BALLS

I kind of want to try these high protein snacks for every reason I can think of. They are bite size. They look so yummy. They are plant powered. Their name and packaging is cool. Each pack has five balls in it, and there are five different flavors to choose from. I do love cheesecake, but I’m thinking the mango or peanut butter might be scrumptious!

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There is something about Quest bars that I find so amazingly delicious. I love the chocolate chip flavors, and I have had this strawberry cheesecake flavor and loved it! Honestly, for high protein snacks for me, if I have to go with snack bars, I love Quest. They are tasty and filling and kind of perfect.



Sometimes you don’t want a snack bar or a shake. Sometimes you want a legit treat of cheesecake! If this is you or your special someone and you are looking for high protein snacks featuring cheesecake, this is what you’ve been looking for. Check the flavors because you can opt out of cheesecake and get chocolate if you prefer. Me? I’m all about the cheesecake!

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